20x more content with AI

Equip your team with intelligent technology to create and translate content 4x faster, in real time, with 97% user satisfaction.

Trusted by the global enterprise

Thanks to the 70% effort reduction made possible by AI, our customers create and translate content more efficiently than ever.

AI takes on costly and labour-intensive tasks like real-time, on-demand translation to address 100% of your content needs.

Use best-fit AI to craft stellar experiences through content

Localization Machine translation and automated post-editing
Creation GPT-3 and other text synthesis models
Transformation Between text, audio, and visuals

Build your very own AI toolbox

Choose the AI vendors that best suit your needs, customizing them as you go, or build custom machine translation models using Intento MT Studio.

Integrate your systems and workflows

Augment your existing software and language services with Intento AI Hub. No leaps of faith. We’ve got your back at every step of the way.

Boost your
Software Development
International Communication
Customer Support & Sales
Community Content
with creative AI

MT Hub for Localization

Make your translators 70% more productive and 100% more happy.

MT Hub for Software Development

Have your international dev teams code and collaborate better no matter what languages they speak.

MT Hub for Office Productivity

Make your digital workplace accessible for all employees and boost their global productivity.

MT Hub for Customer Support

Delight customers with 24/7 real-time support in their native languages to reach a 97% user acceptance rate.

MT Hub for Community Content

Support international customers with real-time translations to their native languages.

Create 20x more content with AI

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