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    State of the Machine Translation by Intento (stock engines, June 2019)

    Evaluation of 25 major Cloud Machine Translation Services with Stock (pre-trained) models for 48 language pairs: pricing, performance, quality, and language coverage. We also analyze how the MT landscape changed over the last year.

    State of the Domain-Adaptive Machine Translation by Intento (November 2018)

    In this report, we have evaluated 6 modern domain-adaptive NMT engines on Biomedical dataset (English to German). We explored how they compare by performance (using reference-based scores, linguistic quality analysis and automatic quality estimation), total cost of ownership, dataset size requirements, training time, data protection policy and how to start using this advanced technology.

    Why to use machine translation with Intento?

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      One simple and elegant API to many MT engines

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      Pay for MT via Intento or use your own contacts

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      Gain up to 20x performance/price efficiency by combining multiple MT engines

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      Automatically select the best MT engine for your language pair

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      Large requests are automatically split to fit into vendor requirements

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      Monitor your usage of all MT APIs in a single dashboard

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      Our API works both in synchronous and asynchronous modes

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