Your multi-vendor MT portfolio in a single place. Hassle-free.

Using the full power of machine translation in the Enterprise infrastructure might be challenging and costly. Intento Enterprise MT Hub hides the complexity and enables all of your users to have the best available machine translation in their familiar environment. When and where you need it.

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Getting MT right is hard

No Vendor Is Best

Providers perform differently depending on content type and language pair. Further training is required to provide quality translation for the data specific to your company.

Integration Complexity

Integration APIs are wildly different and the integration complexity scales exponentially with the number of MT vendors you use.

Routing Requirements

Routing translation requests between MT providers based on the language pairs and content type is required to provide the translation quality that meets your expectations.

Frequent Updates

Models are frequently updated, affecting the quality of translation, and not necessarily positively for your specific domain.

Using the full power of Machine Translation in the Enterprise infrastructure is a painful process with prohibitive resource and integration costs. Our typical customer uses ten (10) MT engines on average. Integrating them efficiently in the infrastructure from scratch would cost millions of dollars and would take years of development work.

That’s one of the primary reasons why up to 80% of all AI initiatives inside Enterprise companies fail.

Steps to succeed

  1. Evaluate and select

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    Identify and set up a portfolio of MT systems customized to the enterprise requirements, data, and usage scenarios.

  2. Deploy

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    Integrate this portfolio into your systems (TMS, Customer Support, Community Forums, CMS, and others) smartly-routed and processed according to specific scenarios.

  3. Manage

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    Manage your multi-vendor portfolio from a single dashboard. Get in-depth analytics on usage, performance, and costs, and continuously update the models addressing new training data, end-user feedback, and technology changes.

cost savings on translations

faster time to market

MT quality satisfaction

Please meet Intento Enterprise MT Hub

The best available machine translation when and where you need it

Key Features

Full Enterprise power, security, and customization possibilities

Machine translation procurement

Prepare data, train engines, and evaluate the results to select the best-performing MT portfolio for your company

Multi-vendor machine translation

Access multiple MT providers via a single unified API and manage them in a centralized manner with Intento Console

Multi-purpose machine translation

Use your MT portfolio in multiple enterprise systems with plugins and connectors to Microsoft Office, TMS, Help Desks, CRM systems, and many others

Machine translation fine-tuning

Tune MT output to the specific requirements of your company with Glossary Management module, entities protection, and advanced caching

Continuous improvement

Make sure translation quality is always top-notch with MT Quality Monitoring and Feedback modules

Enterprise-grade security

Intento is ISO27001 certified, and our Enterprise MT Hub makes sure your data never gets out in the open - as is always the case if your employees use Google Translate or similar services

We are more than happy to prepare a customized Enterprise MT Hub demo for you and get started on the journey of successful and cost-efficient localization in your company

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Intento Enterprise MT Hub is a powerful engine that gives all of your users access to the best possible translation in their familiar, day-to-day environment. Here's a constantly expanding list of our integrations:

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Available providers

Discover our continuously growing catalog of MT providers.

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