MT Studio for in-depth and data-driven MT evaluation


Select and improve the best-fit machine translation model from a single interface. Evaluate your own or pre-trained stock models offered by 40+ MT providers.

Enhanced data security and private space.

Drive growth with the right AI deployment

End-user acceptance rate

Human editing effort

Integration and AI fees

Repeatable translation fees

Prepare your data, optimizing model training

  • Get rid of data hindering training and proper evaluation with Data Cleaner

  • Train your custom models using clean and valid data with Trainer
  • Analyze the training output of both custom and stock models with MT Customization Analysis


Choose the best-fit MT Engine, growing ROI

  • Select the top-running MT Engine from all providers with Scoring
  • Evaluate valuable data segments to get meaningful results with LQA tools
  • Get recommendations on the best-fit MT Engines with Analysis tools
  • Configure your custom MT workflow with Routing Designer

Empower your models, accelerating the MT output

  • Improve your translations using custom terminology with Glossary Management
  • Adjust future translations based on user recommendations with Feedback Management

    Bring your MT Training and Evaluation to the next level

    with Intento MT Studio