Advanced translation tools to facilitate your digital workplace

Take your productivity to the next level, instantly translating documents, spreadsheets, websites, chats, comments, and sharing content in any language.

We support 189 languages, including dialects

Benefit from a cohesive approach to translation

Translator for Word

Read documents in all languages, seamlessly translating the entire text or selected frames in the same window.



Translator for Excel

Translate individual cells and whole spreadsheets to make them easy-to-understand for international peers.

Translator for Outlook

Read and reply to emails in different languages, building rapport and trust with your global partners and clients.

Translator for Chrome

Understand websites’ content written in any language on the fly to make your Internet surfing experience flawless and pleasant.



Translator for Windows

Translate texts from any Windows applications that you can copy in your clipboard and insert them anywhere lightning fast with keyboard shortcuts.

Translation Portal

Make ad hoc translations of texts and files in a simple web interface to help your employees start using them straight away.


Maintain control over translation analytics to monitor KPIs and business growth, manage billing and team access.

Safely rely on expert translation processing

Professional translation quality

Build rapport with global peers. Easily read their emails, and respond in their language, without anything getting lost in translation.

Software business compliance

Intento’s technology will always comply with your global business policy, ensuring that you meet the highest standards.

Enhanced data security


We guarantee that you can translate content safely without caching on third-party servers or exposing confidential data.