Hire the best Cognitive AI for your business

A simple and elegant API to third-party AI models from many vendors.

Why use Intento?

A performance of third-party AI models varies up to 4x case by case. It depends on how their training data is similar to yours and you never know. Given 100x difference in price, the wrong choice may be a complete miss. We help to source, evaluate and use the right models in a vendor-agnostic fashion.

Single API Integration

Works without AI talent or data

Best-of-Breed Models

Pre-trained by many AI vendors

Instant time to market

Quick PoC with low R&D risks

Up to 20x better

More efficient by combining the right models

The best models for every job

Machine Translation

Translate text from one language to another.

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Sentiment Analysis

Analyzes the sentiment of the provided text.

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Tag Images

Image tagging generates a list of words, or tags, that are relevant to the content of the supplied image.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detects and extracts text within an image with support for a broad range of languages.


Transcribe Speech

Speech transcription.

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