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80% of AI initiatives fail. Intento helps global companies procure and utilize the best-fit cognitive AI services to make you succeed.

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AI ≠ Software

There is no best vendor

Often, for a global company, there’s no best vendor and they have to combine many. Integrating even one image tagging or machine translation API into the Enterprise systems landscape is a pain. The integration of dozens of various services can become insurmountable.

For example, machine translation providers perform differently across languages and content types. Read the recent report.

AI performance depends on training data

Vendors train their models on vast amounts of unknown data. AI quality depends on how this data is similar to yours. The only way to know is to evaluate the models and tailor them with your own data.

For example, custom training machine translation on your data can improve quality by 60%.

AI changes fast and frequently

AI vendors update their models daily, and often without notice. The technology itself is updated monthly. It's impossible to predict how changes will affect AI performance on your data. Constant monitoring and adjustment is a must.

For example, Intento machine translation quality monitoring spots both positive and negative changes in MT providers' performance.

Helping global companies successfully onboard AI

Procure AI That works for you

Intento helps you evaluate AI vendors for all your areas of need, select the best ones based on your parameters, and train their models.

Intento MT evaluation reports provide an overview of the rich landscape of machine translation providers.

Access AI portfolio where and when you need it

With Intento's patented technology, you can access your AI portfolio via a single platform with extensive connectivity options. We hide the complexity, handle integration, routing, performance issues, and provide an easy way to use any cognitive AI.

Our Enterprise MT Hub connects 30+ machine translation providers with multiple enterprise systems

Set up a continuous improvement loop

Setting up AI is not a one-off project. Intento allows you to monitor the performance and costs of your AI providers, and to finetune their services according to your needs - all from a convenient and intuitive dashboard.

See how Intento users improve machine-translation output with a feedback loop.


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