Enterprise Machine Translation Hub

Translate 20x more, with the same budget, across the company – localize content and make customer and employee experience multilingual with real-time machine translation and AI.

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MT Hub for Localization

Maximize your localization program to translate 20x more

Enhance translations with source quality improvement and automated post-editing and achieve up to 70% effort savings. Keep machine translation engines performing at their best with MT Evaluation and MT Maintenance.

MT Hub for Customer Experience

Delight customers with language-inclusive support

Empower customer support teams with real-time machine translation for chats and tickets to help customers in their native language on the fly. Streamline self-service with 24/7 access to multilingual knowledge bases and community forums.

MT Hub for Employee Experience

Boost cross-team productivity by smashing language barriers

Improve collaboration by connecting the whole company with multilingual chats and tickets. Support your employees with instant access to help and training materials – give them what they need, anytime, in their native language.

Bring machine translation benefits to your entire enterprise with all-in-one, scalable solution

Unlock the power of machine translation and AI

Source Quality Improvement
Automated Post-Editing, and quality estimation, normally done by humans, now managed via powerful algorithms.

Maximize efficiency and optimize headcount

Real-time translation is 200x more economical than human translation, with a 98% user acceptance rate.

Keep existing workflows running smoothly

Machine Translation Hub integrates with the most popular platforms, including human workflows in localization and document management.

Connect to 40+ machine translation providers with a single contract

One integration with Machine Translation Hub guarantees the best possible translation for your languages and domains.

We know how to make your business multilingual and productive. Let's talk.

Master MT with hands-on guidance from Machine Translation University

Learn all about modern machine translation technologies with our free, quick courses for localization, customer support, and employee experience pros.

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