Enterprise Language Hub

Machine Translation and multilingual Generative AI platform for global businesses. We deliver immediate, tailored, and personalized language experience in all the software systems your customers and teammates already use, supporting over 650 languages.

Trusted by the global enterprise

Language Hub for Localization

Supercharge your localization with customized MT and generative AI

Save up to 95% on translations by combining best-fit Machine Translation with source quality improvement and automatic post-editing based on GenAI. Let us take care of your custom MT engines. Works with over 15 TMS.

Language Hub for Customer Experience

Make your support articles, chatbots, and agents work in 650+ languages

Empower customer support teams with real-time machine translation for chats and tickets to help customers 24/7 in their native language. Globalize self-service by on-the-fly translation of knowledge bases and community forums, tailored to your data.

Language Hub for Employee Experience

Real-time, inclusive translation for your global teams

Our Language Hub translates documents, support tickets, and enterprise apps so everyone’s on the same page and included. Works as a translation portal and through integrations with Atlassian, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and other tools.

Enterprise GenAI Portal

Generative AI for global, multilingual companies

Boost your team’s productivity with GenAI-based automatic language skills (tone of voice, summarization, and more) while keeping your security team happy. Choose the right GenAI model for every task and amplify it with Machine Translation for non-English content. Pay for actual usage, not seats.

After seeing her first demo of Intento Language Hub, Carrie’s response was: “This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.”

Unlock machine translation and generative AI across your entire company with an all-in-one, scalable platform

The right way to jumpstart your AI program

We customize and evaluate AI models for you, configure workflows and integrations, and provide ongoing maintenance.

Save up to 20x on translation and content production

Combine MT with automatic language skills, such as source content improvement and automatic revision, to save up to 95% on what you spend today.

Keep existing workflows running smoothly

Enterprise Language Hub integrates with the most popular software systems, so you can keep you existing human workflows in localization, document management and customer support.

Central, future-proof enterprise AI deployment

Build and manage AI workflows centrally, tapping into 40+ MT and GenAI providers, ready for any new tech the future brings. ISO-27001 certified.

We know how to make your business multilingual and productive. Let's talk.

Go multilingual faster, better, and at scale with Machine Translation University

Master modern machine translation technologies with our free, quick courses for localization, customer support, and employee experience pros.