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GPT in Localization: When the tide goes out...

Separate the GPT noise from the value. Watch our webinar to know how the pros at Disney+, Expedia, GoTo, the Government of Canada, Şişecam, Trendyol, and VMware use general pre-trained transformers for localization workflows.

May 23 at 11:30 am ET
2 hours
Detailed agenda coming soon - stay tuned!
The Enterprise Machine Translation Playbook 2022/2023
Reflect on a banner year in Machine Translation

On May 23rd 2023 we gathered online with early adopters and GPT enthusiasts from the localization teams of Disney+, Expedia, GoTo, the Government of Canada, Şişecam, Trendyol and VMware to explore the landscape of generative pre-trained transformers.

We had an exciting discussion, starting with a quick overview of GPT’s role in localization by Intento’s CEO, Konstantin Savenkov, and then launching into our first panel discussion, focused on real-world use cases and applications of GPT in localization. Our speakers shared how GPT helps to increase personal productivity, discussed their experiences with very specific use cases, and also shared the results achieved.

The second panel provided valuable advice on how to get started and how to overcome any hurdles that might be encountered while implementing GPT. It was awesome to have industry experts share their perspectives so attendees could gain insight into how generative pre-trained transformers are adding tremendous value to localization workflows.

What you'll learn:
  • Major developments in MT over the past year
  • The latest on pre-processing and automated post-editing
  • MT trends going into 2023

Hartmut von Berg

Senior Director of Global Localization
GoTo Technologies
Hartmut von Berg is senior director of global localization at GoTo, a company that helps people and businesses do their best work — simply and securely — from anywhere. He serves as the site leader of GoTo’s office in Karlsruhe, Germany, where he drives employee satisfaction, employer branding, and GoTo’s charity and youth education program, GoTo Gives. Over the past years, Hartmut has transformed the localization function at GoTo from a translation service into a globalization consultancy driven by his passion to serve GoTo’s international customer base with compelling localized experiences.

Olga Hergül

Global Content and Localization Program Manager
Olga Hergül is an experienced localization professional with over 17 years of expertise. Throughout her career, she has held various localization-related positions in the education, event management, banking, and manufacturing sectors, gaining extensive knowledge of cross-cultural business integration. In 2019, she founded a localization function from the ground up at Şişecam, a leading global manufacturer. She continues to lead and develop the enterprise localization program there. Additionally, Olga has initiated an MT program within the company, aiming to enhance employee experience across 14 different countries.

Tommaso Rossi

Sr. Director, Localization
Expedia Group
Tommaso Rossi has worked in the translation and localization industry for almost 20 years. After earning a degree in interpreting and translation in 2003, he worked as a freelance interpreter for a year, mainly for the UN and other international organizations, then started a career in translation. Tommaso first worked as a project manager for an Italian translation company then as a vendor manager in Brussels. He currently lives in London and works for Expedia Group as the head of the localization department. Thanks to his experience in various localization domains such as freelancing, project management, machine translation, translation management systems, and translation supply chain management, Tommaso has developed skills that provide an extensive and global overview of the localization industry and is now leading the multilingual localization strategy for one of the leaders in the online travel industry.

Peter Tatishchev

Sr. Product Manager – Internationalization
Peter is an experienced localization and internationalization program and product manager currently working at The Walt Disney Company. With previous experience at Uber, Peter specializes in enterprise localization, machine translation, and operations. With a strong engineering background in AI and applied linguistics, Peter is always looking to bring a fresh perspective to every project.

Ray Flournoy

Former VP of Product
Ray Flournoy was most recently VP of Product at Etsy. During his time with the company he oversaw Product teams for Payments, Trust & Safety, Member Services, Fulfillment, and International. Prior to Etsy, Ray worked in Globalization and Machine Translation at Adobe, Yahoo! Search, and 2 start-ups. Ray has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, with an emphasis on Natural Language Processing.

Adam Ali

IT Strategist
Government of Canada
Adam Ali is an IT Strategist at the Government of Canada. With over 20 years of IT experience, he helps departments identify and implement better ways to ensure Canadians receive high quality, accessible, and efficient digital government services.

Bodo Vahldieck

Sr. Globalization Quality Manager
Bodo Vahldieck is a global localization quality and terminology manager at VMware Switzerland GmbH. He has over 20 years of experience in translation, localization and globalization of software products, marketing materials and web content. Bodo is a certified project management professional and member of the Project Management Institute. He started his career in a quality assurance department overseeing the quality assurance processes for localized software. Since 2014 Bodo has been driving the quality management strategy for VMware. Previously, he was responsible for language and functional software quality at Autodesk.

Beatriz Verdasco

Head of Localization
Beatriz Verdasco has over 15 years' experience in global content and localization and has spent the last 10 years leading and transforming multidisciplinary global teams that drive growth by bringing digital products to international audiences. She leads localization and global readiness at Trendyol Group, the largest eCommerce company in Turkey and the most valuable private internet company in the EMEA region. Bea is passionate about the combined power of technology and languages to create authentic, inclusive experiences for people across cultures and geographical borders.
Webinar agenda

(all times listed in Eastern Time Zone)

11:30 am to 11:35 am

Mark Hjerpe, Head of Global Revenue, Intento

11:35 am to 11:50 am 

Konstantin Savenkov, CEO & Co-Founder, Intento

11:50 am to 12:30 pm
Panel discussion #1: “GPT in Localization: Real World Use Cases & Results” + Q&A

with Konstantin Savenkov (CEO & Co-Founder, Intento) and the participation of:

Hartmut von Berg, Bodo Vahldieck, Tommaso Rossi, Olga Hergül

This panel will focus on real-world use cases and applications of GPT in localization. Our speakers will show how GPT helps to increase personal productivity, as well as share their experiences with very specific use cases, and the results achieved.

12:30 pm to 12:45 pm
Mini-Session: “A Brief History of Large Language Models”

Grigory Sapunov, CTO & Co-Founder, Intento

12:45 pm to 1:25 pm
Panel discussion #2: “Getting Started with GPT in Localization” + Q&A 

with Daria Sinitsyna (Lead Computational Linguist, Intento) and the participation of:

Peter Tatishchev, Adam Ali, Ray Flournoy, Bea Verdasco

This panel will focus on the process and potential challenges of implementing GPT. Our panelists will provide advice on how to get started and how to overcome any hurdles that might be encountered.

1:25 pm to 1:30 pm
Closing remarks

Mark Hjerpe, Head of Global Revenue, Intento