Expanded access to user-generated product reviews

Company overview

Joom is an online e-commerce platform that allows consumers to access quality goods from thousands of sellers all over the world in one place with convenient and efficient delivery. Joom gives customers the necessary insights to be smart consumers, basing their choice of products upon multiple reviews left on the platform by other consumers.

Business challenge

Joom gets a lot of product description content from sellers in different languages, which they need to translate into the language of consumers by target country.

Additionally, customer reviews, an essential component of the selling strategy for online consumer sales, have become an increasingly challenging task for machine translation-powered localization platforms. Their current MT program does not always meet the desired quality standards and is a time-consuming process. Timely translations are an important condition for Joom; in order to faciliate real-time interactions with user-generated content, they need an extremely efficient translation service.

Intento solution

The Intento API integration seamlessly connects the user to a curated array of MT engines and models through a straightforward API. Using the Intento API integration, Joom can utilize three providers to deploy roughly fifty language pairs through a single program. This new regiment brings their MT to the next level, requiring less hassle but delivering the professional quality translation where their previous efforts were falling short.

The Intento MT program enables the translation of real-time user-generated content to handle the time constraints affecting Joom’s translation performance. When there are no reviews in the native language of the user, reviews from other languages are translated on the fly.

Business impact

Once Joom started using Intento for MT, time-to-market significantly decreased, and the service was able to expand its target audience thanks to localized reviews generated through Intento curated MT solutions.

The many language pairs made available through Intento’s user-friendly API integration expanded the presence of Joom products across all expected global markets. Sellers and buyers using Joom across the globe were exposed to this high level of maintenance, giving Joom a better reputation among these users. As an effect, Joom has experienced higher customer satisfaction, and buyers have been getting better feedback on products of interest.

User-generated content has been a major contributing factor to the dramatic increase in customer satisfaction, as more translations are staying relevant through their lightning-fast turn-around time. As the nature of Intento’s tools continues to evolve, there is even more potential to educate MT models to improve the speed and quality of MT output moving forward.

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