Improved collaboration between game development teams

Business challenge

A global leader in game development with its head office located in a non-English speaking country and big teams in the US and Europe faced internal communication issues via MS Outlook, Jira, and Windows OS applications.

All applications contained proprietary information, so the company disabled any solutions that collected translation data, such as Google Chrome Translation, and prohibited the use of Google Translate by internal users.

Intento solution

Intento Translator for Chrome and Edge is a lightweight browser extension that instantly translates multilingual content in any application with a web interface to the user’s language choice. The company uses this software to translate all its web-based content and communications.

Additionally, Intento developed specific Translators for Jira and Windows OS. Intento’s Translator for Windows OS applies machine translation to any application in Windows, making it a single, easy-to-use solution. Intento Translator for MS Outlook allows email translations whilst reading and writing from an auto-detected language into the user’s chosen language.

Intento Translators use a portfolio of enterprise-grade machine translation engines specifically chosen to maximize the quality of translation for specific game dev-related content.

Business impact

Streamlined, professional-quality translation of communications has simplified interactions between internationally-based colleagues. Without language barriers holding the company back, employees are more in-tune as a team, and productivity has soared.

Intento’s Translator for Windows allows developers from different countries to communicate efficiently by processing code comments without leaving their IDEs, so developers don’t need to spend time copying and pasting IDE comments into translators.

Translator for JIRA erases any language barrier that had been holding the teams back from reaching their full potential. All team members only use compliant translators, eliminating the risk of data exposure.

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