Enterprise Language Hub

Get maximum results from machine translation

Modern machine translation (MT) is powerful but struggles with imperfect source text and cannot leverage context.

Enterprise Language Hub overcomes those limitations by making source text more translatable before MT and adding context afterward. It can also use GenAI to automate human post-editing, saving up to 95% of translation costs.

Boost translation quality by combining MT with NLP and GenAI

Source quality improvement (SQI)

Make your text more translatable

Higher quality translations

We make your text more MT-friendly by improving anything the machine may misinterpret, such as idioms, typos, or tags. This will produce higher quality and more accurate final translations.

Less editing of your final translations

SQI alone can significantly improve translation quality, reducing the amount of editing needed by up to 25%.

Machine translation (MT)

Choose the right MT engine for more accurate translations

We analyze, train, and select the engines that align with your goals

MT engines and LLMs have different strengths and can produce higher-quality translations depending on the language, content type, and available data assets.

Let us train and manage your engines

We train your MT engines and LLMs with your translation memories and terminology to get more precise and tailored translations according to your brand and style.

One contract with 40+ MT and LLM platforms

Translate across 650+ languages and dialects to cover all your markets.

Automatic post-editing (APE)

Automatically add your context, brand, and style to your translations

Add missing context

In 80% of cases, machine translation needs improvement for missing context. Whether it’s applying your tone of voice, style guide, or gender control, you can automatically apply context to MT results.

Apply your past post-editing style to new translations

We train GenAI models for you on your historical post-editing data to automatically apply them to future translations.

We can use your glossaries with any MT provider

Even if an MT provider doesn’t support the use of glossaries, we can support it on the Intento side.

Machine translation that works harder

Up to


less editing after source
quality improvement

Up to


effort saved with the right
MT engine



reduction after using
automatic post-editing

Learn how source quality improvement and automatic post-editing can work for you