Intento Translator for Excel

Seamlessly collaborate with international colleagues, read and create spreadsheets in any language and easily make Excel spreadsheets multilingual.

Have clear conversations and better experiences

Get the best possible translation by uniting the power of 35+ AI services.

Forget about switching between tabs—process all translations instantly in Excel

Translate specific cells, selecting specific content as needed or the entire sheet

Insert translations in existing sheets, or seamlessly create new ones.

It works on macOS, Windows and in the cloud version of Office 365

Experience a simplified workflow

Intento Translator for Excel

Transform your business today

Start using Intento Translator in just one click by installing an Excel add-in. It’s available for all Office Productivity plans, covering plugins for Word, Outlook, Chrome, Windows. A Translation Portal and Console for services configuration are also included to save time and increase efficiency.

Intento Translator for Excel is available on Microsoft AppSource