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Smartling users gain access to 30+ MT options via Intento

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

We’re thrilled to announce that Smartling users can now benefit from a host of previously unavailable machine translation options through a new connector to Intento’s MT Hub.

What is Smartling?

Smartling is a cloud-based translation management system enabling companies to localize their content across different devices and platforms.

It supports various automation workflows, including 9 machine translation providers to improve translation speed and agility.

Why use Intento’s plugin for Smarting?

At Intento, we pride ourselves on our expertise in machine translation curation — and beyond. MT usage reports, hundreds of benchmarks, advanced technology to access providers and their models, output fine-tuning, monitoring, and hot swap are just some of the features that can strengthen your MT program. Our comprehensive business intelligence features offer a more holistic and transparent approach to MT.

Now the Intento plugin for Smartling expands the range of available machine translation providers to more than 30 stock and custom options. For reference, here’s the complete list of MT services supported by Intento.

On top of that, Smartling users can leverage provider-agnostic capabilities, such as glossaries, tone of voice control, and entity protection to fine-tune their MT output.

Finally, with a single Intento contract you can use many paid third-party MT and AI services to centralize billing and reduce procurement efforts.

In the modern business landscape, you need multiple MT options for various language pairs to cover different markets on a global scale. According to our 2021 report, the best-performing MT engines are DeepL, Systran, Yandex, ModernMT, Baidu, and Tencent. 4 options out of these 5 are not natively supported by Smarting, and if you localize into Asian languages, you may want to take a closer look at the latter three.

Although Smartling does support custom-trained MT engines and routing functionality, Intento may offer more sophisticated workflow options and a more streamlined user experience:

  • Get more out of MT by monitoring usage to reach up to 60% linguist acceptance and up to 97% end-user acceptance.
  • Enjoy many more MT options than are available in Smartling by default.
  • Send translations through automatically selected pipelines — default or custom.
  • Tailor any MT provider’s output to leverage term bases, control tone of voice, protect specific entities, filter out profanity, and more.
  • Get detailed MT usage reports filtered by languages, providers, users, projects, etc.
  • Access all your paid MT & AI services and procure additional ones via Intento without any markup fees.
  • Intento is easy to deploy, so no expert skills or previous training is required.

How does Intento’s plugin for Smartling work?

If you have both a Smartling account and an Intento account, make sure you’re signed up for the MT Localization subscription plan in Intento or have started a free trial.

Intento’s plugin becomes part of Smartling’s MT Profile functionality. MT Profiles store MT credentials in Smartling and can be easily assigned to different workflows or directly in the built-in CAT tool.

Create a new MT profile in Smartling by following our step-by-step guide — and you will be able to use it at the Machine Translation step in your Smartling workflows.

You can also learn how to add an MT profile to the workflow in your Smartling project.

Getting started with Smartling and Intento

If you haven’t used Smartling before but feel it could be the right solution for your needs, check out their website and consider booking a demo.

If you’re new to Intento, feel free to start a free 14-day trial to see for yourself how our MT Hub for Localization works — or request a demo with our solution experts.

We’d also be happy to talk with our existing customers about how they can maximize their efforts. Did you know that our platform offers additional AI-powered MT output customization options such as glossary management, metadata protection, tone of voice control, and more? Reach out to us, and let’s talk about all things machine translation!

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