Empowered an international community

Company overview

Agilent is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. Agilent instruments, software, services, and solutions provide trusted answers to our customers’ most challenging scientific questions. Whether working with customers to keep food supplies safe, improve the quality of air, water, and soil, or fight cancer with more precise diagnoses and targeted treatments, Agilent has a passion and commitment to delivering insight and innovation toward improving the quality of life.

Business challenge

Agilent relies on their Community Portal to facilitate knowledge sharing among service engineers, allowing access to forums and a knowledge base on Agilent products. However, all of the original content is created and only available in English.

The limited language capacities have proven to be an obstacle to Agilent clients’ support. Whenever Agilent attempts to enter a new market, there’s no localized support content available, causing a dramatic increase in customer support requests, many in unfamiliar languages.

Furthermore, the community portal contains public resources and proprietary client information, discounting any solution that collects translation data. Agilent can’t use conventional translators that pose a risk to private data information, and sensitive content such as chemical and industrial terminology published on the portal requires the most precise translation. There is no capacity within the IT Department for integration with MT solutions, so Agilent needs a uniquely elegant and efficient solution.

Intento solution

Intento’s Website Translator is a lightweight website component that translates multilingual community content to the language of a website visitor’s choice on the fly, using a portfolio of enterprise-grade Machine Translation engines. The engine portfolio is curated to maximize the quality of translation for specific equipment-related content. Glossaries cover domain-specific terminology.

The Intento Website Translator enables translations to 38 languages, vastly broadening the scope of available support. The plug-in is fully managed by Intento without IT involvement and supports glossaries dedicated to improving translation with domain-specific terminology.

Business impact

More service engineers and community portal end-users can resolve their issues faster on their own by communicating with their peers without straining Agilent’s customer support team.

1700 translation requests, on average, are being processed daily. 160 million characters (approximately 80 thousand pages) of specific technical information were translated without any investment in multilingual content creation.

Intento’s solutions work directly in the visitor’s browser, working seamlessly without help from IT or Engineering Support teams. One simple yet wildly effective solution has both reduced the load on Customer Support teams while simultaneously broadening the scope of Agilent’s impact to a more diverse array of communities.

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