Simplified communication between teams

Business challenge

Playrix, a global leader in mobile game development, encountered a communication challenge after acquiring a few studios from different countries.

The company had to streamline communication between new colleagues who don’t speak the same language while maintaining proper data security protocols.

Intento solution

Playrix has started using Intento Translator for Chrome and Edge to translate its web-based content and communications in Confluence, Asana, and Slack.

This lightweight browser extension instantly translates multilingual content in any application with a web interface to the language of the user’s choice. It also allows Gmail translations that auto-detect the source language during both reading and writing.

Business impact

The Intento solution has helped Playrix’s international employees get immediate access to the company’s internal resources unavailable in their preferred language. It has also simplified communication between teams.

Now, thanks to the instant high-quality translations, colleagues facing a language barrier can collaborate more effectively, saving Playrix the most valuable business resource: time.

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