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Intento enables this global IT provider to the travel and tourism industry to scale translations, from internal documentation and customer support to key account communications and software localization.


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A global automation software company developing IT products and solutions for the travel, transportation, hospitality, and rental industries worldwide.




Intento solutions used

MT Hub for Localization
MT Hub for Community Content

Intento Solutions

Simplified workflow with less human involvement

At the time Intento stepped in, the company was already using MemoQ (a translation management system) to translate internal documentation and database content into 124 language pairs. Despite some degree of automation, the famously complex process relied heavily on human involvement. A MemoQ + MT Hub for Localization integration helped make the most of machine translation and elevate the experience.

Customer support сlaims processed quickly in any language

With countless international service provider partners handling customer requests in various languages, the company would previously offer slow, ad-hoc translations into English at best. This impaired satisfaction, especially in urgent cases.

Integrating the customer support system with Intento via an API enabled the delivery of high-quality, faster-than-ever multilingual customer service.

Always relevant multilingual ToCs

Our client’s partners can now enjoy consistent, compliant, and always up-to-date translations of car rental Terms & Conditions. This is a dramatic improvement from the human-dependent approach that made tracking and pushing updates a real hassle.

Helping enterprises travel with ease

Business travel services require top levels of quality and responsiveness. Our custom-made tool helps translate travel documentation into dozens of languages in a blink of an eye.

Software localization

With many software, web, and mobile platforms to localize, language complexities need to be treated seriously. We solved the inflection issue (common for languages such as Turkish, Finnish, or Polish), removing guesswork from the translation process. With separate, appropriately marked segments for single, paucal (few), and plural forms, linguists can now confidently choose between “bilet”, “bilety”, and “biletów” depending on the provided context.

E-learning videos in 20 languages

The pandemic prompted our client to digitize their e-learning video content — and they did a fantastic job. We’re proud to have helped them translate these materials into 20 languages.

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