Use Google Translate and other translators directly in MS Office

Intento is the only platform that consolidates the power of all translators to provide you with instant and professional quality translation no matter the context.

Enhance your global communication instantly
with no mediator or delay

Project Managers

Automate translation workflow and ensure your teams have better tools for efficient collaboration and productivity.

Sales & Support teams

Make correct translations to understand global customers’ needs and respond in their preferred language.

Executives & Expats

Be professional in cooperating with global teams and clients, increase company ROI while growing your career.


Deliver more translations in the same amount of time, no more copying and pasting–process all seamlessly in a single window.

Intento only works with providers who treat your data carefully

With Intento, building rapport and trust is simple and safe

Clear communication

Communicate with global partners by reading and writing in their preferred language.

Business globalization

Win new markets without increasing costs for local customer support teams.

Business compliance

Be confident that the technology you use is compliant with the global policy of your company.

Enhanced data security

Avoid unwanted caching on third-party servers to prevent exposure of confidential data.

The only online translator providing a professional quality translation in any language

✓ Forget about mundane work killing productivity

✓ Deliver better results and ROI in less time

✓ Build a reputation as a multicultural communication pro

✓ Save personal time and company resources

  • The clients using Intento products for more than 1 year ranked 97% of their translation output as good 97% 97%
Intento Smart Routing carefully selects the best machine translation for languages and domains

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