Intento MT Hub for Lingotek

Get the best possible translation using the potential of over 30 machine translation providers such as Google Cloud AutoML, Amazon Translate, and Baidu Translate.

Simplify endless possibilities of MT selection, aggregating them into a single and easy-to-use dashboard.

Intento MT Hub for Lingotek

Empower Lingotek toolset for better productivity

Expand existing Lingotek MT portfolio to 30+ providers

Automate the selection of best-fit MT providers

Adjust translation with various customization options

Try out 10+ providers via Intento with a single agreement and account

Set up various profiles to save time accessing different Intento configurations

Get full transparency on machine translation usage and analytics

Transform your business today

Intento MT Hub is available in Lingotek, just find it in your Machine translation settings. It’s included in all Intento Localization plans.