Subway saved $1.5 million and 2 years of labor with Intento

Intento is helping Subway build and manage world class machine translation and machine voice programs


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2 years

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Subway, a quick-service restaurant brand




Intento solutions used

MT Hub for Localization
MT Hub for Community Content
MT Hub for Office Productivity

Intento Solutions

500K words translated into 9 languages

Subway never really bought into the promise of machine translation. That was until a big challenge came along – involving half a million words of knowledge base content, with 9 target languages. Our paths crossed at the right time.

Subway integrated their ServiceNow knowledge base with our MT Hub for Community Content. As a result, 90% of the 500K words required little or no editing, making knowledge and self-service equally accessible for Subway’s multinational staff.

Website content? No problem!

Word of the MT success quickly reached the marketing team, and a new, comparably monumental task emerged. With 500K words of franchisee website content, our curated MT solution delivered the same high-quality results sharply on schedule.

Fast and secure information exchange

Internal communication was the next area where Intento solutions could help, this time our MT Hub for Office Productivity. Using our AI-enabled apps, anyone at Subway can now quickly read, edit, and respond to documents, spreadsheets, slides, websites, emails, and messages in their native language. The solution was later adapted for legal documents and communication, improving speed, efficiency and costs.

E-learning video localization and narration

The pandemic urged Subway to restructure its lengthy in-person franchisee training program into several online video modules with captioning and narration in multiple languages. In addition to MT engines, we suggested curating voice engines. Subway’s in-country reviewers were “blown away by the quality” of the machine voices produced by Intento, particularly the flow and intonation.

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