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2021 was a year to remember — and it’s just the beginning

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

2021 was a blast! It’s hard to believe how much we’ve grown — and how much fun we had in the process.

•    •    •

Here are a few highlights that made our year:

  • We were thrilled to be recognized as a Cool Vendor in Conversational and Natural Language Technologies by Gartner.
  • We branched out into new cognitive AI applications that go beyond MT. You can now work with AI to push automation upstream in the content creation chain to include authoring and transformation.
  • We expanded our product offering — outside of Localization, we built solutions for International Communication, Customer Service, Global Community, and Software Development. Now global enterprises can seamlessly develop the most suitable content workflows for the entire organization.
  • By enhancing content workflows, we helped our customers create and translate communications in real-time at less cost, empowering users to produce 20x more output on the same budget.
  • We began helping enterprises localize multimedia content such as videos, e-learning courses, and audio material. This is possible through automated pipelines of cognitive AI services for voice transcription, machine translation, content generation, and voice synthesis.
  • We shared our vision of the current and future state of Machine Translation at the most influential industry events, such as AMTA, SlatorCon, GlobalSaké, and LocWorldWide, where we hosted discussions with our clients including Subway, GAP, AstraZeneca, IKEA, and many others. We also contributed to multiple podcasts and webinars hosted by thought leaders, Nimdzi, LT-Innovate, Globally Speaking, and The Global Podcast.
  • We released the 2021 State of Machine Translation report in collaboration with TAUS, where we analyzed 29 commercial and open-source providers across 13 language pairs and 7 key domains, including Healthcare, Education, Financial, Legal, Hospitality, and General.
  • We launched our comprehensive MT Maintenance Program to make sure your best-fit MT engines are kept in tip-top shape at all times.

•    •    •

Take a look at Intento’s 2021 in review to see our growth, and what we’ve achieved in our efforts to help enhance your global communication:

2021 was a phenomenal year for our entire community, but 2022 is shaping up to be even more extraordinary — here’s to our bright future together!

We wish you peace, happiness, and a prosperous 2022!

More to come soon.

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