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Amazon Translate’s Active Custom Translation now integrates with Intento for higher-quality translations in numerous use cases

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

In November 2020, the AWS team announced the launch of Active Custom Translation (ACT), a feature that offers Amazon Translate users more control over their machine translation output.

We’ve recently added support for ACT to our MT Hub. If you already use Amazon Translate, ACT now lets you customize its output at runtime. Otherwise, consider adding it to your MT arsenal.

Read on to learn more about what makes Amazon Translate ACT with Intento an excellent option for various applications and why it’s a perfect entry point to explore the benefits of custom machine translation.

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What is Amazon Translate?

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that uses deep learning techniques to deliver fast, high-quality, affordable, and customizable translations in 75 languages. According to our 2022 State of MT report, “Standard Translation” ranks among the top-performing MT providers.

Amazon Translate is best suited for producing high-volume, high-urgency content with low latency, such as user-generated content and multilingual search. It also natively supports popular document formats while keeping the original formatting intact.

On top of that, you can ensure your data is safe with Amazon as the company keeps to the highest data privacy and security standards. For more information, visit Amazon Translate’s FAQ page.

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What is ACT, and why use it?

The ACT feature lets you customize stock models with your parallel data to achieve more accurate, contextual, and consistent results. What makes it innovative is that you can upload and update your parallel data on the fly multiple times, and it comes with advanced features such as tone-of-voice control. There is no need to build, maintain, or retrain the model. As the model gets updated, the quality improves, and less post-editing is needed.

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Amazon Translate ACT now supported in Intento

We’ve added ACT to our MT Hub for use cases in localization, customer support, software development, community content sharing, and office productivity.

In addition to Amazon Translate’s native MT customization and terminology insertion features, Intento allows you to correct punctuation, expand abbreviations, redact sensitive data, and add other pre- and post-processing steps.

We can also evaluate ACT alongside any other MT options, including Amazon Translate’s “Standard Translation” model.

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Getting started with ACT in Intento

Including Amazon Translate in your MT program is a great way to enhance and diversify your MT, especially in combination with ACT.

If you’re an Intento customer already using Amazon Translate, you can configure the ACT feature yourself — or leave that to us. We’ll also help you prepare your parallel data for optimal results.

If you are not using Amazon Translate yet, we’d be happy to evaluate it for you and configure both ACT and Custom Terminology, as well as help with any Intento features.

If you’re new to Intento, try out our MT Hub for Localization for 14 days, or request a demo with one of our solution experts.

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Intento is a single platform to procure, use, and maintain various machine translation services, models, and options. In addition, you can evaluate models alongside one another to continuously optimize your MT program. Automatic MT provider selection, provider-agnostic glossaries, fine-tuning options, business intelligence capabilities, and other advanced features save our enterprise clients up to 70% on post-editing efforts.

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