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Intento Translator for ServiceCloud on AppExchange

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

This month, we rolled out the Intento Translator for Service Cloud on the Salesforce AppExchange. It enables support agents to converse in real-time with customers in their own languages, right within Salesforce. We employ cutting-edge machine translation and AI to identify the languages used by the customer and agent, enabling instant translations. This method keeps the brand style intact and guarantees up to 98% comprehension, as backed by user feedback, without the need for manual intervention.

The Shift Towards Multilingual Instant Support

Until recently, global customer service required hiring multilingual agents working in different time zones. But now, with 70% of customers more loyal to companies offering support in their native language and 64% expecting instant interactions, the demand for smooth, genuine, and localized customer service has never been higher.

Our CEO, Konstantin Savenkov, emphasizes that integrating Intento with Salesforce enables users to surpass the needs of real-time multilingual communication.

“With the GenAI of the Intento Language Hub, we exceed the complex requirements of real-time multilingual communication, allowing Salesforce users to harness the full power of AI-driven translations. This breakthrough ensures accuracy, brand consistency, and the nuanced understanding that today’s global customer base demands. Together with Salesforce, we continue to set new standards of what’s possible with AI and customer service.”

With Intento Translator for Service Cloud, you can:

Scale your customer support in multiple languages across different time zones

As more customers expect support in their own language, you can expand into new regions without hiring in-country agents. If you already cover all time zones, you can optimize ticket handover. Our automatic translation workflow will refine your source texts and ensure consistent brand tone and high-quality translations with greater accuracy. This is especially important for serving demanding markets with high expectations, like France, Korea, and Japan.

Improve translation quality through user and agent feedback

User and agent feedback is crucial in refining machine translations and achieving better accuracy for future customers.

Translations become more aligned with your brand requirements by optimizing the source text with feedback and incorporating context, style guides, and tone of voice. Intento delivers superior translation quality and accuracy compared to traditional machine translation systems.

Provide high-quality, real-time responses to increase customer satisfaction

Many chat translation services fail to interpret text accurately, often missing colloquialisms, typos, or typical expressions. This leads to customer frustration and repeated or rephrased questions. Intento enhances the text quality before it reaches the machine translation provider, resulting in quicker resolutions and better translations for the customer.

Use consistent brand language with terminology and glossary support

A predefined glossary ensures accurate translations of industry-specific or brand-specific terms. Adding your company glossary to Intento Translator guarantees consistent and precise branding across all your translated materials.

We make it easy to try for just $75/month (restrictions apply)—please download the app from the Salesforce AppExchange and contact us to activate the subscription.

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