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August Insights from Intento: New Provider Integrations Improve Key Language Pairs, and More!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Intento August 2021 Digest

This summer we have a few innovative product updates, exciting event opportunities, and community insights to let you in on. Every month at Intento we are having discussions around the next game-changing breakthrough, and this is your chance to get in the loop. Whether you are a user, provider, or academic, there is something to be found in our August 2021 Digest — so read on!

🚀Gain an edge for Basque and Chinese with new provider integrations

🗣️Translate text in any Windows application

🏷️Improved tag-handling and more in memoQ

🗓️Keeping up with new opportunities on the event calendar

📚Recommended reading for community insights

Gain an edge for Basque and Chinese with these three new provider integrations

Intento August 2021 Digest - new providers logos

Three first-rate providers have been fully integrated into our MT Hub. We are always expanding our scope of providers, because more niche providers often outperform major players like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, in their specific domains. For example, check out Elia Elhuyar, offering 30 language pairs through 6 languages, for a particular capacity to work with Iberian languages. Kingsoft and XL8 offer their own strengths with 56 and 32 language pairs respectively. Reach out to our team to learn more about all new integrations!

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Translate text seamlessly and professionally in any Windows applications

windows logo

The new update comes with several improvements to the premiere tool for instantly translating any text from any Windows application. You can expect refined transitions to Windows notifications, additional shortcuts to change translation direction, and a much smoother installation process. It’s always the best time to enhance your office productivity tools, so don’t wait!

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Improved tag-handling and more in the latest version of the memoQ plug-in

memoq logo

For memoQ users, we have released a new version of our plug-in, with better tag handling for leading providers such as DeepL and ModernMT. Reduce the boring and time-consuming task of manual tag placing and cut down on the post-editing workload. Get support for all Intento glossaries and improved logic when working with dialects — now available in the MT Hub for memoQ.

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Learn how Intento evolved into a paradigm-shifter in successful AI procurement and integration

August 2021 Digest LT-Innovate event banner

Last month, Intento’s CEO Konstantin Savenkov, and VP of global sales Mark Hjerpe sat down with LT-Innovate’s Bruno Herman to discuss the progress and future of Intento. Listen to their discussion to learn what makes one of the most talked-about companies in the industry tick, and gain insights into Intento’s developing growth across several markets.

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Key updates and insights from the AI/MT landscape

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