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November 2022: Get Ready for the Intento Webinar, 74 New Languages, and More!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

As we look back on another awesome year for our entire community, we wanted to share some updates from this past month – including the upcoming Intento webinar, 74 new languages added to our platform, and more. Enjoy!

🚀 Save your seat for the inaugural Intento webinar on December 13th

🗣 NiuTrans adds 78 new languages, 74 of which are new to Intento

🏃‍♀️ Great insights for starting your MT journey

🌎 Konstantin Savenkov speaks about best-fit MT, Google Translation Hub, and generative AI on the SlatorPod

📚 News from throughout the AI and MT communities

Join us for ‘The Enterprise MT Playbook 2022/2023’ — on Dec. 13th

Save your seat to learn MT best practices from Nike, Stripe, Gap, Procore, NetApp, Wish, AstraZeneca, and Esri as they share their biggest takeaways from 2022 and plans for 2023.

This 2-hour webinar will mix real-life customer stories with deep dives into MT ROI, machine voice, the expanding role of loc teams, and centralization vs. sharing. We’ll also look at MT as a force for inclusivity and accessibility when thinking about customer and employee experience.


See you there! Register for free here.

74 new languages added to Intento via NiuTrans

Our tech is constantly on the lookout for updates to the MT landscape, and this month detected 78 new languages added to Niutrans – 74 of which are new to Intento.

Here’s the full list of new languages and dialects:

ach: Acoli

ada: Adangme

arn: Mapudungun

bas: Basa (Cameroon)

bci: Baoulé

bcl: Central Bikol

bhw: Biak

bin: Bini

btx: Batak Karo

bum: Bulu (Cameroon)

bzj: Belize Kriol English

cab: Garifuna

cce: Chopi

chk: Chuukese

cjk: Chokwe

dhv: Dehu

dua: Duala

efi: Efik

gaa: Ga

guc: Wayuu

gug: Paraguayan Guaraní

guw: Gun

gym: Ngäbere

hil: Hiligaynon

iba: Iban

ibg: Ibanag

ilo: Ilokano

ish: Esan

iso: Isoko

kam: Kamba (Kenya)

kbp: Kabiyè

kea: Kabuverdianu

kmb: Kimbundu

kqn: Kaonde

kwy: San Salvador Kongo

loz: Lozi

lua: Luba-Lulua

lue: Luvale

lun: Lunda

lus: Lushai

mau: Huautla Mazatec

mfe: Morisyen

nba: Nyemba

ndc: Ndau

nia: Nias

nij: Ngaju

niu: Niuean

nyk: Nyaneka

nyn: Nyankole

nyu: Nyungwe

nzi: Nzima

pag: Pangasinan

pcm: Nigerian Pidgin

pis: Pijin

pon: Pohnpeian

rar: Rarotongan

rnd: Ruund

seh: Sena

sop: Songe

srm: Saramaccan

swc: Congo Swahili

sxn: Sangir

tdt: Tetun Dili

tiv: Tiv

tll: Tetela

toj: Tojolabal

tsc: Tswa

ttj: Tooro

tum: Tumbuka

tvl: Tuvalu

tzh: Tzeltal

tzo: Tzotzil

umb: Umbundu

urh: Urhobo

wes: Cameroon Pidgin

wls: Wallisian

yap: Yapese

zne: Zande

You can see all available languages in our MT catalog.

Get insights on how to start your MT journey the right way

At LocWorld48, Konstantin Savenkov sat down with Jeff Beatty (Disney Streaming) and Rolf Hecken (Translation Bureau of Canada) to talk about their experiences getting started with machine translation.

If you missed the session, our summary covers their insights on when it’s time to get started with MT, baby steps toward a successful program, and convincing your team to embrace MT.

Read the full summary here.

Konstantin Savenkov on best-fit MT, Google Translation Hub, and generative AI

Konstantin hopped on the SlatorPod to discuss how we enable enterprise clients to choose best-fit MT services and technology. He also touches on highlights from Intento’s State of Machine Translation 2022 report and how generative AI will impact not only the content generation and authoring industry but the machine translation space as well.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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