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April 2021: TAUS Partnership, Intento Abbreviations Glossary, and More!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Welcome to the latest edition of Intento April 2021 Digest, our monthly newsletter covering all of the novel developments and breakthrough conversations that we’re having at Intento. Keep reading to check out the latest updates to the AI/MT landscapes and what’s in store for the weeks ahead!

🌐 Partnership with TAUS

📘 Intento Abbreviations Glossary

📕 Provider-agnostic glossary for Yandex

🗺️ Mapping the MT Landscape

🤖 Intento product updates

🗣️ New languages from our providers

🗓️ Keeping up with the event calendar

🚀 Open positions on our team

📚 What we’re reading

Enhanced Language Data Solutions through TAUS partnership

Enhanced Language Data Solutions through TAUS partnership (taus logo)

We’re proud to announce our partnership with TAUS, a leader in language data services. Through this partnership, we will realize the full potential of MT technologies, creating opportunities to train effective MT models by combining high-quality, domain-specific language data services with MT evaluation and training expertise. Read more here.

Improve Post-Editing Efforts with Intento Abbreviation Glossary

Improve Post-Editing Efforts with Intento Abbreviation Glossary

From medical transcripts to e-commerce and customer service translations, the Intento Abbreviations Glossary can significantly decrease the time and money spent on tedious post-editing. If you use abbreviations in any of your global business operations, you’ll want to check out this new approach to localizing your abbreviations. Read more here.


Provider-agnostic glossaries now support Yandex

intento April 2021 Digest banner about yandex glossary

Customize Machine Translation results by applying specific terminology. We manage provider-agnostic glossaries on our end so that you can dedicate yourself to growing your business. Along with the newly improved logic for working with custom routing, you have more opportunities for best-fit solutions by flexibly applying different glossaries. Read more here.

Intento Mapping the MT landscape


Make Sense of the MT Landscape

At Intento, we run multiple evaluations for our clients for various language pairs and domains, giving us both a look at the complex landscape and intimate knowledge of each provider. We’ve leveraged this expertise to produce a useful birds-eye view map to help guide users through the complex landscape.

Download the full, high res version of the current MT Landscape here.

Updated SDL Trados Plug-in for Improved Translations

Make the most of your translations with v.2.2.23 of our SDL Trados plug-in, updated for quicker translation speed, as well as improved support for DeepL users. Intento Domain Routing is also available, with16 available routings for different domains like healthcare, telecommunications, financials, etc.

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New Language Pairs for Expanded Global Outreach

For those looking to expand your global outreach while mastering even the most subtle aspects of any translation project — you’re in luck! Both Prompsit and Systran have added new language pairs, all of which are accessible through our straightforward API:


  • ca→es (Catalan), gl→es (Galician), es→ca, es→gl, en→en-gb (English/English- UK), en-gb→en, fr→fr-ca (French/French-Canada), fr-ca→fr


  • en→my (Burmese or Myanmar)

Keeping Up with the Event Calendar

LT-Innovate event banner

This month, LT-Innovate hosted a fruitful discussion around why MT is not just a(nother) tool, featuring Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov. If you missed out and want to learn more about how to best use MT to create value for your business, please reach out for your free demo!

All things global event announcement

Dive deep into the latest from AI and MT as Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov joins All Things Global on June 3rd. All Things Global is a webcast series that brings together various industry experts to discuss trending global topics. Konstantin will offer solutions to enterprise localization leaders looking to build a nuanced, effective strategy with their MT.

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Global sake the parlamint event announcement

This session invites you to explore storytelling through data structure and neural networks for multilingual content relevancy, voice, search, and speech-to-text applications. We’ll discuss how words work: Building language-specific and language-agnostic relevancy algorithms, multilingual dataset structuring for international recommendation systems, and Machine Translation. The “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” deal now applies to both Annual and Monthly event tickets. For every 3 tickets you buy in a group order (for either a single monthly event or for the full annual program), we’ll send you the 4th complimentary free ticket.

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Make Your Mark on AI and Localization

intento April 2021 digest hiring banner

We are experiencing growth in our customer base in the US and are looking for an outstanding Technical Account Manager to take care of the success and growth of these accounts. The focus of this position is to be a single POC for Intento partners and end customers, driving and advocating initiatives that deliver partner/customer satisfaction, all while driving MRR goals. If this sounds like an exciting role, we want to hear from you!

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Thought-provoking Insights for Further Inspiration

Follow these links to find out more about what’s happening in the AI/MT landscape:

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