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February 2021: XTM Cloud Integration, Zendesk Translator for Agents, and more!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

February 2021 Digest

Hi Network!

Welcome to our latest edition of Intento February 2021 Digest — covering an exciting past month for our community, and reporting updates for the weeks ahead. February saw notable integration and innovation, from Intento’s XTM Cloud connector, to a new Zendesk translator, and an influx of new languages and language pairs from MT providers. Keep reading to find out what’s been happening, and what these changes to the MT landscape mean for you.

🌐 XTM Cloud integration

🗣️ Translator for Agents in Zendesk Marketplace

🕹️ The search for better MT of in-game content

🍶 Update from the GlobalSaké’s ParlamINT

🤖 New languages and language pairs from MT providers

👋 Join us! Open positions at Intento

📚 Recommended reading and listening

Major Enhancement to XTM Cloud Integration

Intento Major Enhancement to XTM Cloud Integration

XTM Cloud users are eager to take a driving role in understanding and developing their MT programs — Enter CustomMT.

The 12.5 version of XTM Cloud introduces the CustomMT feature, making it extremely easy to connect Intento’s MT platform to all translation workflows. This significantly expands the choice of MT providers that can be leveraged directly from within XTM Cloud, giving customers more flexibility in choosing best-fit MT and offering seamless access to Intento’s curated MT platform, tools, and services.

You can learn more about Intento’s XTM Cloud integration by watching our demo video, where Mark Hjerpe, VP of Revenue, will walk you through the simple steps to taking full advantage of your XTM Cloud experience.

For any further questions, or to request a personalized demo, please feel free to reach out at

The New Translator on the Scene

The New Intento Translator on the Scene

Intento Translator for Agents has arrived in the Zendesk Marketplace

The new Translator for Agents makes Zendesk ready for a global audience. The app allows customer support teams to translate client’s requests into the company’s primary language and respond in the client’s native language. As a plus, the translator is integrated into the Zendesk Support interface, so users don’t need to switch between tabs to copy and past ticket contents.

For Zendesk agents, this is a great way to expand global outreach, breaking down language barriers between you and potential clients.

Chrome Extension v1.1.0

The latest version of the Intento Translator Chrome Extension has officially been published, and it makes a world of difference if you are specifically invested in Japanese localization. Try translating websites today with best of breed AI powered by the Intento MT Hub!

Intento translator example


Intento’s Event Calendar

Rooting for better in-game MT

On March 3rd, Our CEO, Konstantin Savenkov, had the opportunity to address the Game Global Digital Summit alongside Marina Ilinykh, Head of Localization at Playrix. The two led a discussion on the state of MT for in-game content, using Gardenscapes game content to evaluate four custom neural machine translations (NMTs) and 12 stock NMT engines for English to French.

GALA Connected: How is digital acceleration impacting the global language industry?

oin us March 23rd-25th, as Intento will be at the GALA Connected conference. Konstantin Savenkov will be taking part in a discussion on The Supply Chain (R)evolution, and the pricing impact of Machine Translation.

Tune in to learn about new approaches to pricing translation projects. This year, GALA is adapting to the new ways of working and socializing with an online format that allows for wider engagement with more industry players in an interactive and inclusive setting, and there is still time to register, so don’t miss out!

GALA Connected event banner

Keeping up with the GlobalSaké ParlamINT:

On March 4th, we tuned into The ParlamINT, GlobalSake’s 2021 program of 12 monthly events, for 3 TedTalk presentations sharing international consumer insight case study stories from Google’s Next Billion Users in Emerging Markets, Hubspot’s user research in LATAM and Europe, and Tecent + Alibaba’s consumer insights in China.

GlobalSaké ParlamINT banner

You still have time to register for April 1st discussion on Global Payments, and can use the code: Intento10 for 10% off any ticket, with no expiration. We are also offering a special discount for the Annual Subscription with code: GS30, for 30% off, available until March 20th. Hurry to use this code and get your seat at each monthly event for the rest of the year!


Influx of New Languages and Language Pairs

Intento February 2021 Digest banner

The scope of our language solutions is rapidly expanding. If you’re looking for more language pairs from your MT provider, Alibaba now supports systemic translation for 143 languages — and 49 are new to Intento. Additionally, Intento now supports Tigrinya (ትግርኛ) thanks to Microsoft’s most recent addition of 9 languages.

In total, Intento now supports 189 languages, including dialects like fr-ca, and sr-latn/sr-cyrl. Using one simple API, you can break down more language barriers to communicate effortlessly with potential peers and clients from across the globe. Visit the Intento MT Web Demo to learn about all of our new language opportunities Why not expand your global outreach this month?

Additional MT Providers News

ModernMT now supports:

  • Bulk Mode (making it more efficient at translating a large number of small segments)
  • Autodetect source languages
  • sr-cyrl Serbian Cyrillic (српски језик)

Naver now supports native tone of voice for Korean on our platform

Development Watchlist — Intento Chrome with OCR

This month, we want to give you a look behind the curtain at soon-to-ship products in development.

Development Watchlist — Intento Chrome with OCR

Introducing, Chrome with Optical Character Recognition

Intento we're hiring banner

We’re looking for an SDR to join us on our path from start-up to scale-up. As part of our team, you’ll get a chance to actively participate in the process of global companies implementing and utilizing our AI technology. This is an excellent starting position with great potential to grow into a Territory Manager and eventually Enterprise Account Manager in the Americas, taking on a leading role with the SDR team.

Find our more about this posting and more opportunities with Intento here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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