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Tackling AI bias, keeping up with the MT landscape, new Intento features, and more!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Intento November 2020 Digest

Hi Network! Welcome to the new edition of Intento November 2020 Digest.

November was an eventful month for the localization community. There’s a lot for us to share, let’s jump in.

🌎 MT speaking tour — a brand new library of MT videos

👾 Tackling AI bias in MT

🔬Our Microsoft Experiment — Staying Up to Date with the MT Landscape

📲 Telligent and ServiceNow users — this is for you!

🚀 New Intento features

🗞 Latest in MT provider news

📚 Recommended reading

Continuing our MT speaking tour

Intento November 2020 Digest: MT speaking tour

Intento has had the pleasure of participating in several virtual conferences over the past few weeks to discuss our curated MT solutions. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been covering.

Intento November 2020 Digest: online conference news

On October 27th, Transifex and e2f successfully produced the Localize 2020 conference, brining together an impressive lineup of keynote speakers and panel discussions. The central topic of the day was the shared experience between industry leaders in building scalable industry workflows.

Our CEO, Konstantin Savenkov, led a compelling presentation on leveraging the best of every MT engine available.

TAUS Data Summit

Intento November 2020 Digest: map

From November 10th — 11th, the TAUS Virtual Data Summit gathered both owners and producers of language data, as well as ‘power users’ and MT developers to find common ground, learn from each other, and collaborate.

Here, attendees of the ‘Massively Multilingual’ program heard from Intento’s Professional Tools leader, Sergey Polikarpov, as he discussed MT curation, specifically challenging existing workflows by learning from agile practices.

MT Studio: Spotlight

Intento November 2020 Digest - new product spotlight

Last month saw the smooth launch of a brand new Intento product — SPOTLIGHT — allowing users to evaluate the results of MT training wisely, without rolling the dice of random sampling.

You can visit our launch page for a virtual demo of the Spotlight presented by Sergey Polikarpov — including a deck to download at your convenience.

Join us on DECEMBER 16TH for XTM Livestream

Intento November 2020 Digest - STM Livestream

We’re looking forward to our upcoming participation in XTM Livestream. We will be joined by other industry experts to get up to speed with AI neural machine translation and continuous localization.

Konstantin Savenkov will again be participating in a panel discussion, this time centered around navigating the ‘intelligence revolution’ in localization, which should prove to be an engaging conversation.

While connected, be sure to attend Intento’s table: Enterprise MT curation — Experience it via the Inteno+XTM connector. We will be there in force to answer all of your MT questions.

How Can We Dodge AI Bias?

 translation image

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly changing the future of how we work. But how can we train our AI to adhere to the same standards we abide by in an inclusive and diverse global environment?

In our new publication, ‘Dodging AI Biases in Machine Translation’, we discuss the issues many international companies are facing with their communications, and possible solutions moving forward.

Our Microsoft Experiment — Staying Up to Date with the MT Landscape

Intento Microsoft Experiment — Staying Up to Date with the MT Landscape

Managing your MT is not always easy, especially with its dynamic landscape of engines and upgrades. Just when you think you have your MT engine figured out, the inevitable new upgrade comes from your provider — and everything changes.

Or does it?

We took a look at Microsoft’s new upgrade to their Custom Translator’s architecture using our latest solution, which allows us to run a quick comparison of two MT engines. We discuss the findings in our publication, ‘How does the latest MT upgrade benefit me? How can I find out?’. The results may help you determine how to make the MT landscape work for you, rather than the other way around.

NEW Intento Features and Product Updates

Intento Translator for TELLIGENT

Prepare your community portals for a global audience with Intento’s new plugin for Telligent.

The plugin uses our SmartRouting feature, directing translation requests to the most suitable MT models for specific content domain and language pairing, allowing users to translate portal content into their own language instantly.

Intento Translator for TELLIGENT

We are pleased to announce that Knowledge Base articles powered by ServiceNow Knowledge Management are now available in any language with just one click.

To learn how to configure your ServiceNow instance to use the new feature, please get in touch at

Updates to other Intento connectors:

  • You can now translate and replace a selection of cells in place using the Intento Translator for Excel.
  • The Intento Translator for Outlook now supports the mobile version of the app, making it easy to communicate with international peers and colleagues from anywhere.
  • We have tested our Chrome extension in the new Sidekick browser, and are thoroughly enjoying the results.

Updates to other Intento connectors:


MT Provider News

Here is what’s happening:

Facebook has open-sourced its state-of-the-art MT model, M2M-100. The Model claims to support symmetric translation across 100 languages (that is, 9,900 language pairs) — without relying on English as a pivot.

Microsoft releases Custom NMT V2, claiming another step closer to the human parity. You can re-train existing models for free until Jan. 31, 2021.

Microsoft has announced Auto mode is now available on the Microsoft Translator app for Android.

Amazon gives us an early holiday gift— Active Custom Translation.

This month brought a robust offering of new language pairs added by MT providers:


en↔ar ; en↔hi


en↔bn ; en↔fa ; en↔ms ; ru↔bn ; ru↔fa ; ru↔ms ; de→nl ; nl→de ; en→nl ; nl→en ; ru→nl ; nl→ru

Systran PNMT:

de→zh ; es→zh ; ja→de ; ja→es ; ja→ko ; lv→en

Amazon adds 16 new languages:

ca: Catalan — català

cy: Welsh — Cymraeg

gu: Gujarati — ગુજરાતી

ht: Haitian — Kreyòl ayisyen

hy: Armenian — Հայերեն

is: Icelandic — Íslenska

kk: Kazakh — қазақ тілі

kn: Kannada — ಕನ್ನಡ

lt: Lithuanian — lietuvių kalba

mk: Macedonian — македонски јазик

ml: Malayalam — മലയാളം

mn: Mongolian — Монгол хэл

mt: Maltese — Malti

si: Sinhala, Sinhalese — සිංහල

te: Telugu — తెలుగు uz: Uzbek — Oʻzbek

Here’s what we have been reading and listening to this month. Check out these articles and podcasts to learn more!

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