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April 2024: GenAI landscape, new university partner, updates for Jira, Zendesk & Salesforce

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

This newsletter highlights the Generative AI landscape with key players, technological advances, and market trends shaping this innovative field; our new partnership with The University of Texas at Arlington, Translation Storage that helps save up to 98% on MT costs, real-time translation of Jira tickets, multilingual responses and macros in Zendesk, and a new translation label for quick verification of DOCX files.

UTA partnership

Intento University Program provides university staff and students with free access to our MT and GenAI tools. Most recently, we’ve partnered with The University of Texas at Arlington, known for its excellence in language and cultural studies.

As a top-tier research institution, UTA offers cutting-edge programs in linguistics and language technology that align perfectly with our commitment to advancing the localization community.

Product updates

Real-time translation of Jira tickets for R&D and Helpdesk teams

Intento Translator for Jira allows R&D and Helpdesk teams to seamlessly translate ticket summaries, descriptions, and comments into their native languages directly in Jira. It makes communication across global teams clear and collaboration easy, no matter what language everyone speaks—all in real-time.

Whether it’s developers in Japan exchanging ideas with their counterparts in China, or any other cross-border team interaction, everyone can stay on the same page and be efficient. We have just updated our app to support Jira Data Center v9.

Let us know if you use Jira DC, and we’ll set up a demo for you.

Intento Translator for Zendesk Agents enables multilingual responses and macros

Originally, we built Intento Translator for Zendesk Agents to help English-speaking customer service teams work on tickets globally. However, some new customers use our solution across many support teams speaking different languages, so we’ve just updated our Zendesk app to work with multilingual agents.

We’ve also automated translation of message templates (macros) to avoid creating multiple language versions of the same macros. Set up your macros once, and we’ll automatically translate them into your users’ languages whenever needed.

With our commitment to high-quality machine translation based on the best engines for each language pair, your support teams can expect enhanced customer satisfaction (CSAT) and reduced average handling time (AHT).

Reach out if you want to give it a try!

Reduced time and effort for managing translations with Translation Storage

Our Translation Storage saves our customers 60%–98% of their machine translation (MT) costs, depending on the use case. Before, when the MT configuration or glossary was changed, you had to manually delete affected Storage entries or all stored translations for the language pair.

With our latest update, Translation Storage automatically cleans translations impacted by recent MT changes, including modifications to the SQI/APE features or updated glossary terms. This streamlined approach saves time and significantly reduces the costs associated with repetitive translation tasks.

Book a demo and start saving on translations while continuously boosting quality.

Watermarks for automatically translated files

Our Translation Portal enables everyone to quickly translate files in different formats. Sometimes, it’s important to know that the document was translated without human review. We’ve added an option to watermark such DOCX files. This label indicates documents that have been machine-translated and not yet reviewed by humans, preventing potential miscommunications in business-critical scenarios. Now, your teams, especially internal audit teams, can quickly identify documents that need closer review before use in a sensitive context, ensuring only thoroughly vetted and accurate content is released for business operations.

Contact us to see how it works!

Intento Translator for ServiceCloud on AppExchange

Our Intento Translator for Service Cloud is available on the Salesforce App Exchange. It enables chat agents to converse in the customer’s native language in real-time, directly within Salesforce. Learn more here.

Generative AI landscape

We relentlessly evaluate which LLMs are enterprise-grade and work well on localization tasks such as translation and post-editing, and here’s our long list. Get the landscape with emerging GenAI technologies that are shaping the future!

GALA 2024: Break the segment chains and set the language free

The primary reason MT and GenAI translations often require human edits is due to the legacy localization tech stack that works with segments and strings. Konstantin Savenkov, CEO of Intento, spoke briefly at the GALA event in Valencia this April, challenging the norm and discussing language without barriers. We’ll share more details on this topic soon!

The latest in artificial intelligence

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