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Reflecting on December 2021: Intento Crowdin Connector, Updates on the Gaming Industry, and More!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

December 2021 Digest

Welcome to 2022 — looking forward to the new year, we have insights on what to expect, a recently developed connector for Crowdin users, updates on language tech in the gaming industry, and more. Keep reading December 2021 Digest to give your business the headstart it deserves going into the next chapter.

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🎊 Find out what 2022 has in store

🤝 The Intento Crowdin connector delivers the power of 40+ providers

🚀 Konstantin Savenkov named a top localization influencer by Nimdzi

👾 How changes in the MT landscape are affecting the gaming industry

🥪 Subway’s experience with MT for high volume, quick turnaround projects

📚 Make the most of holiday down-time with recommended reading

2021 breakthroughs in MT, and what to expect in 2022

Throughout the past year, we’ve seen the MT landscape evolve in several key directions. We’ve witnessed developments in both scope and quality, and a larger emphasis placed on creating a more ethical relationship with language technologies. This year, we’re anticipating broader applications of multimedia translations driven by innovative tools.

Read our full list of highlights here.

The new Crowdin connector delivers the power of 40+ MT providers

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Crowdin users can now access the Intento MT Hub just as easily as any other tool on the platform. Project managers with little MT experience can now get expert-level results with custom models, glossaries, pre-processing, and fine-tuning — reducing post-editing efforts by 70%. Full control of the MT landscape is just one click away!

Take a look at the connector in the Crowdin Marketplace.

Intento CEO named in Nimdzi’s 2022 edition of the localization influencer watchlist

Intento CEO named in Nimdzi’s 2022 edition of the localization influencer watchlist

The Nimdzi Localization Influencer Watchlist puts a spotlight on key figures in the localization industry who you should pay attention to for the latest trends and developments. This year around four dozen new names were added to the list, including Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov. Here’s to better cooperation and information exchange throughout the localization community!

Check out the full list here.

Improvements in the machine translation landscape and what they mean for the gaming industry

Improvements in the machine translation landscape and what they mean for the gaming industry

The team at GameGlobal recently sat down for a conversation with Konstantin Savenkov on the release of our most recent State of Machine Translation report. Savenkov shared insights on how developments in the landscape are affecting the game industry, specifically user-facing content such as support tickets, support chats with customers, and even real-time chats between players.

Read the full interview here.

MT as a gateway to speech technologies

Earlier this month at SlatorCon Remote, Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov sat down with Carrie Fischer, Globalization Services Manager at the world’s largest quick-service food chain, Subway. Together, they discussed Subway’s first foray into MT and how it ultimately drove their biggest year in content creation and translation with a quick turnaround time.

Read the breakdown of their conversation here.

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