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October 2021: The State of Machine Translation 2021, Integration with Verint Community, and more!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Intento October 2021 Digest

In this October 2021 Digest, we have details on the ground-breaking release of the Intento 2021 State of Machine Translation report, our powerful integration with Verint Community, new languages and services available through the Intento platform, and more. The landscape is constantly in motion, so keep reading to get your monthly dose of insights to help stay on the ball!

🎉 Finally! The State of Machine Translation 2021 has arrived

🌎 Integration with Verint Community for universally reliable translations

💪 Intento adds 159 languages through NiuTrans integration

🤖 Introducing the latest version of the Intento Translation Portal

🗣️ New languages from Microsoft, ProMT, and IBM

📚 Recommended reading for community insights

The State of Machine Translation report — everything you need to get in the driver’s seat of MT in 2021

The State of Machine Translation report — everything you need to get in the driver’s seat of MT in 2021

We’ve done the heavy lifting to provide you with all the tools you need to take full advantage of the evolving MT landscape.

Created in collaboration with industry titan TAUS and our LSP partners, the 2021 State of Machine Translation analyzes 29 commercial and open-source MT engines across 13 language pairs and 7 key domains, including Healthcare, Education, Financial, Legal, Hospitality, and General. We cover some of the most popular questions when approaching MT:

❓Which MT engines are best for my language pair?

❓Do they vary for each industry sector, and how?

❓What scores should I use for MT evaluation?

Download the report →

Intento Translator technology integrated to Verint Community to remove borders from global outreach

verint logo

Intento Translator for Verint Community™enables community users to translate portal contents into their own languages on the fly. Intento’s Smart Routing feature directs translation requests to the Machine Translation (MT) models that are most suitable for content-specific domain and language pairs, ensuring that the user is getting the most accurate and reliable translation, and allowing Verint Community users to hold conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world in real-time while remaining confident that their communications are coming through accurately.

Read the full press release →

NiuTrans brings 159 newly available languages to Intento

NiuTrans logo

The outstanding feature is the massive number of new languages, bringing the total number of languages available through to a whopping 352. However, NiuTrans also supports XML translation, Terminology Dictionary, Translation Memory, and batch translation of documents — all features we are working on integrating into our API. Check it out to explore more new language offerings than ever before!

Demo NiuTrans →

Advanced MT configuration with Intento Translator Portal

Advanced MT configuration with Intento Translator Portal

For users of our Intento Translator Portal, you can now experience the best of what MT has to offer with a few new updates. Along with general improvements to the Portal, you can now enable language detection through the MT interface.

Check it out →

New language options from Microsoft and PROMT

Here’s what’s new:


  • ba — Bashkir
  • bo — Tibetan
  • dv — Dhivehi
  • ka — Georgian
  • ky — Kyrgyz
  • mk — Macedonian
  • mn, mn-mong — Mongolian
  • tk — Turkmen
  • tt — Tatar
  • ug — Uigur
  • uz — Uzbek


  • en → hr, hr → en — Croatian


  • en↔︎kn — Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
  • en↔︎mr — Marathi (मराठी)
  • en↔︎pa — Punjabi, Panjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ)

Join us on November 4 for the next GlobalSaké interactive virtual event

GlobalSaké event announcement in October 2021 Digest

Full program info and registration here. Special offer for teams: “buy 3 tickets, get 1 free” in your group order here.

Key updates and insights from the AI/MT landscape

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