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February 2023: Intento Machine Translation University, Using GPT-3 to Translate, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

As we head into the last month of Q1, here’s a roundup of what turned into a very busy February for the Intento community. Keep reading to learn more about the launch of Intento Machine Translation University, how to use GPT-3 to translate with Intento, a fresh plug-in to enhance your employee experience via ServiceNow, and more.

🎓 Intento Machine Translation University is here to help professionals go multilingual better, faster, and at scale

🤖 Use GPT-3 to translate with Intento

🤝 Intento Machine Translation Hub for ServiceNow for improved cross-team communication and employee satisfaction

🌎 Intento MT Hub for Trados Studios has significant updates in the RWS store

🗣 Systran adds English to Pashto

📚 Quick reads to keep you up to date

Introducing Intento Machine Translation University

We’re excited to announce the launch of Intento Machine Translation University — a program designed to help professionals in localization, customer service, and employee experience become proficient in modern technologies for automatic translation.

We’ll cover everything from NLP, NMT, and GPT to more advanced topics. With our program, you’ll learn how to assess the ROI and gain buy-in from stakeholders, explore the complexities of language technology, select, customize, and evaluate various options, and implement the technology to get the best return. With these quick lessons, you’ll be able to go multilingual faster, better, and at scale!

Click here to get started.

Use GPT-3 to translate with Intento

OpenAI’s GPT-3 is finally available as a translation engine via Intento in TradosmemoQXTM International, and other TMS services we work with, as well as in SalesforceServiceNowZendesk, and all other Intento integrations. We’ll even customize it on your data or have a custom prompt made for content generation. Try it right away with our free MT web demo here.

Intento Machine Translation Hub for ServiceNow

Intento has announced the launch of the Machine Translation Hub for ServiceNow, available for all ServiceNow users via its AppStore. The application helps enterprises scale global operations by building a seamless, language-inclusive workplace.

With improved source quality, automated post-editing (including tone of voice, consistent terminology, gender control, and other custom features), and direct access to 40+ machine translation engines, enterprises get the best possible machine translation, achieving 98% user acceptance.

Read more about enabling a multilingual experience for articles, chats, activity streams, and forms used in Employee Portal, Agent Workspace, and many other ServiceNow applications here.

Intento MT Hub for Trados Studios has significant updates in the RWS store

The update comes with Trados 2022 support, enhanced support of tags and HTML entities, and more minor improvements. We know that in-line tags and markups can be a real pain in most TMS systems, so we aim to normalize the markups to make them as understandable to the providers as possible. This way, post-editors do not lose focus on the language while fixing technical stuff in the translation editor.

Check out Intento MT Hub for Trados Studios here.

Systran adds English to Pashto

Systran has added English (en) to Pashto (ps), an Eastern Iranian language in the Indo-European language family. Our AI is constantly scanning the MT landscape for new changes, and you can see them all on our free MT web demo here.

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