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March 2021: New Platform Integrations, Additional MT Providers in the Intento Catalog, and More!

Marta García

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March 2021 Digest

Hi Network!

Welcome to the new edition of Intento March 2021 Digest, our monthly newsletter covering all of the novel developments and interesting conversations that we’re having at Intento. This past month has been characterized by a push forward in both research and product improvements, from our latest blogpost investigating the advent of AI in speech technologies, to Lingotek and Smartcat integrations and enhanced versions of Intento MT tools and services.

Keep reading to learn more about these critical updates, and to get a glimpse of what’s in store for the months ahead!

🌎 Enhanced AI/MT offerings through platform integrations

🚀 How will AI transform speech technologies?

📈 Intento Translator for Windows, and more updates to Intento’s MT tools

🤖 Additional MT providers in Intento’s API catalog

🗓 ‘Pricing the Impact of MT’ at GALA Connected and event highlights

📚 Naver leads seed round of AI translation startup and more reads

Enhanced AI/MT offerings through platform integrations

Intento Enhanced AI/MT offerings through platform integrations

Lingotek partnership and integration

Lingotek users can now take full control over their machine translation requirements by deploying Intento’s MT hub directly into their workflow. The addition of AI-driven applications will significantly broaden the scope of MT providers that can be supported through Lingotek’s platform, leveraging Intento’s curated tools and services for greater choice and flexibility in enabling the best-fit MT.

Smartcat connector

Intento MT Hub is now available as a meta-MT engine for Smartcat users with the Unite subscription package. By default, Inteno will pick the best MT engines depending on your language pair, increasing the overall MT quality, however, you’re free to customize your settings to match each project.

Working with Intento from Memsource

When Intento clients requested to use curated machine translation with custom pipelines in Memsource, and there was no integration available, the Intento team started thinking out of the box. Our experts unlocked the possibility of using Intento MT Hub from Memsource via the Apertium connector. It means that Memsource users can access their Intento MT Hub as if it is an Apertium model — easy as pie. To learn more, contact our team for a demo request!

For a free demo or more information regarding any of these connectors, please reach out to us at!

Are we facing a critical juncture in speech technology applications?

Intento March 2021 Digest banner

Intento is launching a new blog series, reporting on the state of speech technologies in today’s business landscape. In its inaugural post, Are We Facing a Critical Juncture in Speech Technology Applications?, we discuss the developmental history surrounding these tools and explore how the advent of AI-driven applications will help harness its full potential.

You can sign up for all of our speech technology insights so you don’t miss out on further posts discussing topics such as the current vendor landscape and research methodologies.

Upgrades to Intento’s MT tools and services

Release of Intento Translator for Windows v1.3.0

The latest version of our popular Intento Translator for Windows includes a new configurable shortcut to quickly translate segments back to their original language. You can also now sign in through the web, and we have fixed multiple UI issues. Update your Windows experience today!

v2.2.20 of Intento SDL Trados plugin accepted to Trados app-store

Trados users are in luck! The new version of our plug-in to SDL Trados, called Intento MT Hub, has been accepted to the app store. The new update includes a solution for handling tags when translating through DeepL, a solution for enabling translations via Prompsit, and more!

MemoQ updates Intento’s public plug-in

Recently, MemoQ released their new update, version 9.7, which includes an upgrade of our public plug-in. Now with the latest available plugin, you can secure provider credential configurations via Intento Console, improve tag handling, and improve mapping of language codes between MT providers.


10 more MT providers added to Intento’s catalog

10 more MT providers added to Intento’s catalog

We have just had an impressive influx of noteworthy MT providers to our API Catalog. Now that these new providers have been added to our platform, we plan on fully integrating them! Let us know which ones you are most excited to try out, and we can expedite its integration.

  • ApptekHigh-quality neural machine translation across 100s of language pairs, applicable to a breadth of enterprise applications.
  • FujitsuA neural machine translation engine for more natural sentences, producing English/Chinese⇔Japanese “with the accuracy of a business professional”.
  • GlobaleseExtends your corpora by using less specific, but good quality language resources to overcome the problem of corpus shortage.
  • LesanA great tool if your team is focused on working with Ethiopian languages (Tigrinya, Amharic).
  • LindatFrom the Czech Center for Data providing certified storage and natural language processing (English, Czech, French, German, Polish, Russian, Hindi).
  • NTT Com COTOHA TranslatorTranslated with accuracy surpassing a level of 960 TOEIC score and enhanced security.
  • PangeanicAI-enhanced translations with a substantial strength when working with Japanese and the Japanese market.
  • Process9 MoxWaveThis is the perfect provider for working with Indian markets, providing a total of 11 Indian languages.
  • XL8Powered by Scroll Solutions, XL8 enables customers to apply neural machine translation to audio, video, analytics, and more.
  • YarakuZenHeightening your ability to ensure that all translations are provided in the correct context.

More news from our MT providers


DeepL has added 13 languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Swedish.

Systran PNMT

Systran PNMT has added additional language pairs: el→it, it→el

Use these new languages and language pairs to significantly expand your global outreach this month. Click here to see how to incorporate these options into your next project.

Intento’s event calendar highlights

Pricing the Impact of MT at GALA Connected 2021

GALA connected 2021 announcement

During last month’s GALA Connected conference, our CEO, Konstantin Savenkov, led a compelling discussion surrounding pricing the impact of machine translation: fairness and transparency for all stakeholders in the content creation chain. Get in touch to learn about newly developed approaches to pricing translation projects to help enterprise clients recognize ROI from continuous MT improvement.

Upcoming GlobalSaké ParlamINT session

Upcoming GlobalSaké ParlamINT session banner

In the next GlobalSaké interactive ParlamINT monthly event, hear 3 solo TedTalks from 3 industry experts, sharing their case study stories from around the globe on how local content origination and transadaptation has impacted their customer experience and downstream business bottomline. The session will also explore the power of narrative: who owns the “global content” script and “who’s telling your brand story.” You’re in for a real treat! Full program descriptions and reg here.

Get 30% off both the Annual ParlamINT Subscription and any single event tickets with code GS30. Also, the “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” deal now applies to both Annual and Monthly event tickets, to make it easier for teams to enjoy the experiences together. Perfect for looping in your cross-functional stakeholder leads for shared insights and alignment on your international efforts. For every 3 tickets you buy in a group order, GlobalSaké will comp you the 4th free ticket.

Naver leads seed round of AI translation startup and other noteworthy reads

Here are some of the articles that have grabbed our attention this past month. Follow these links to find out more about what’s happening in the AI/MT landscape! As always, there’s a lot to learn.

Naver backs Korean AI translation start-up

Bering Lab, an AI-powered start-up based in South Korea developing tools that help generate translations reflecting proper legal concepts and terminology, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed-funding in a round led by Naver D2 Startup Factory, an accelerator by internet giant Naver. Read the full story here.

Additional articles from our landscape:

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