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June Insights for the Next Breakthrough: Intento Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner, and More!

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Intento June 2021 Digest

Welcome to the latest edition of Intento Digest, our newsletter covering all of the novel developments and breakthrough conversations that we’re having at Intento. Keep reading to check out the latest updates to the AI/MT landscapes and what’s in store for the weeks ahead!

🏅 Intento named a 2021 Cool Vendor by Gartner

📘 Customer success stories using Intento

🤖 New versions of Intento plug-ins for MemoQ and SDL Trados

🚀 Expansion to Intento Glossary Management

🗣 ️ Latest Translator Portal now available

💯 Upgrade to Intento Scoring

📈 See how MT Studio ensures the best-fit translation solutions

🏆 Konstantin Savenkov awarded PIC runner-up

🗞️ Key updates from the AI/MT landscape

Intento Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner

Intento is recognized as a 2021 Cool Vendor for Conversational and Natural Language Technologies

We consider recognition by Gartner as a testament to Intento’s impact, helping customers gain more control over translation effort savings and ROI. It signifies our success in helping global companies onboard cognitive AI services, with machine translation serving as a foundational gateway to Intento’s full scope of natural language technologies.

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See how companies like yours successfully deploy AI with Intento

It’s exciting to see our customers benefiting from curated tools and services. Whether it’s enhancing the economic value of content localization, or scaling ROI for global Customer Support teams, our clients unlock the best-fit solution to bring their growth to the next level.

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New enhancements to Intento plug-ins


memoq logo

In the latest version, you will see domain-specific routings for 16 different domains, a more responsive user interface, and compatibility with the newly released memoQ version 9.8

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trados logo

Intento Glossaries expanded for more inclusive management

The Intento Glossary Management feature is now a single entry point where you can manage glossaries for different providers. A seamless user interface allows users to manage specific terminology, applying it to Google, Yandex, DeepL, ModernMT, and Baidu, combining providers’ native capabilities and Intento’s provider-agnostic magic.

You can add glossaries to custom routings from the interface to quickly improve the quality of translation. Learn more by reaching out for a free demo.

intento translation portal: 10.06.21

Strengthen your Office Productivity toolkit with a more advanced Translation Portal

Intento for Office Productivity takes your workflow to the next level, instantly translating documents, spreadsheets, websites, chats, comments, and sharing content in any language.

The new portal is separate from the console, making it easier for your entire team to take advantage of the 189 languages supported, including dialects. For max efficiency it also now supports office formats, so users can translate documents instantly — without even opening them. You can learn more by reaching out for a free demo.

BERTScore now available in Intento Scoring

Intento Scoring has received a major upgrade, adding the BERTScore metric to the tool. BERTScore is an automatic reference based on contextual word embeddings aiming to measure semantic similarities between a segment and a reference. This metric will enhance Intento Scoring by being as close as possible to human assessment, also called the ‘gold standard’, reducing the amount of MT output needed for actual human review. You can learn more by reaching out for a free demo.

improve your evaluation projects with Intento MT studio

Intento MT Studio ensures the best-fit translation solution for your business

Successfully applying MT to grow your business is not always a successful venture. This may not be due to the MT engines or the nature of your operation, but rather you just need the right methodology and tools to make MT work for you. That’s why at Intento, we’ve developed an AI-driven toolbox to make sure you can select the right MT for your organization. Intento MT Studio offers meaningful insights in an easy-to-understand manner for a more straightforward and effective way of deploying the best-fit MT.

Check our latest blog post, explaining how to use Intento MT Studio to successfully grow your business.

june 2021 digest banner: process, innovation, challenge

Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov awarded Process Innovation Challenge runner-up

In his presentation, ‘To tag or not to tag’, Konstantin proposed a novel approach to handling formatting and inline tags when performing machine translation. Check out the challenge recording for his award-winning innovation.

Join us for another engaging PARLAmINT

June 2021 digest PARLAmINT event banner

Key updates and insights from the AI/MT landscape

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