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December 2022: Insights from the Intento Webinar, New Language Pairs, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

That’s a wrap on 2022! Looking back on the final chapter of another exciting year for our Intento community, we have some pivotal insights to share — including highlights from the first Intento webinar, updates to the Intento MT Studio, and more. Enjoy!

🌎 Highlights from the Intento webinar, including strategies for demonstrating MT value across the enterprise, the best outcomes of 2022, and predictions for the future of MT

📊 New chart feature in the Intento MT Studio to easily share outcomes

🤝 Learn how Intento and E2F collaborated to develop the 2022 State of Machine Translation report

🗣 Three new language pairs from Systran

📚 Great reads from throughout the AI and MT landscapes

Key insights from the Intento Webinar 2022

The first ever Intento webinar mixed real-life customer stories with deep dives into MT ROI, machine voice, the expanding role of loc teams, and centralization vs. sharing. We also looked at MT as a force for inclusivity and accessibility when thinking about customer and employee experience.

If you weren’t able to attend the event — no worries! You can view the entire webinar here.

The webinar was broken down into two panel discussions — the first centered on demonstrating MT value across the enterprise. Here, we heard from Pascale Trembley (Director of Localization GAP), Zach Duncan (Localization Program Manager, Stripe), Theresa Heim-Stohler (Sr. Ops. Manager, Localization and Vendor Management, Nike), and Brock Hansen (Globalization Programs and Solutions Manager, Wish).

Check out our summary of their panel to learn the biggest impacts MT has had on their organizations, explore measuring MT value and ROI, discuss internal objections around MT, and the broadening scope of MT into new use cases here.

The second panel of the day looked at what’s coming next for machine translation — and where these changes may be coming from (based on economic factors, technological developments, business practices, etc.).

We heard from James Hom (Sr. Manager, Shared Infrastructure Systems, NetApp), Jonathan Turpin (Localization Team Lead, Esri), Jon Ritzdorf (Sr. Manager, Global Content Solutions, Procore), and Christos Makropoulos (Global IT Training and Language Services Lead, AstraZeneca).

Check out the summary of their panel here.

We’re at the end of a very complex year — with the war in Ukraine and economic turbulence all over the world. Nevertheless, it was a fascinating year for machine translation and artificial intelligence.

In his keynote presentation, Konstantin Savenkov broke down the rise of massively multilingual models, source quality improvement, centralization versus sharing, AI beyond MT, and much more.

Check out a summary of his keynote address here.

New chart tab for evaluation projects in MT Studio

The Intento MT Studio now has a tab dedicated to all charts related to your evaluation projects. You can download them or copy them to your clipboard — to enhance final reports or decks to share with your colleagues.

The charts include:

  • Logos for all providers used in the evaluation
  • Bar charts for each metric used in the evaluation
  • Chart illustrating similarities in translations made by different providers

Try it out for yourself here.

Developing the State of Machine Translation report 2022

Konstantin Savenkov and e2f’s Michel Lopez got together at GALA Global to break down the collaboration between Intento and E2F in creating the State of Machine Translation Report 2022 — including how we built a dedicated MT benchmark dataset of about 1,000,000 words across 11 language pairs and 9 content domains, evaluating the translation quality of 31 MT vendors.

Check out the highlights from their presentation here.

Three new language pairs added to Intento

Intento AI is constantly on the lookout for changes to the dynamic MT landscape. This month, our tech detected three new language pairs from Systran:

ro→ru (Romanian — Russian)

en→ha (English — Hausa)

ha→en (Hausa — English)

For a full list of what’s available, check out the Intento MT catalog here.

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