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July 2022: Updated Plugin for Trados, New Connector for Smartling Users, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Check out this month’s highlights for details on the Intento plugin for the Trados Studio update, a new connector for Smartling usersimage generators opening up to the public, and more. Enjoy!

🚀 Updated Intento plugin for Trados Studio 2022

🗣 Smartling users gain access to 30+ MT options via Intento

💪 Nimdzi ranks Intento among the 25 most innovative companies in the language industry

🎆 Image generators opening up for public and commercial use

🍶 Learn how AI voice & MT drove Subway’s ROI at the GlobalSaké Q3 virtual event

📚 Great reads from throughout the community you won’t want to miss

The updated Intento plugin for Trados Studio 2022 is now available for download

The 2022 Trados Studio update includes improved desktop-cloud synchronization, support for new file types, and hundreds of other enhancements — and our popular plugin now works with the latest version.

See the full details here.

Smartling users gain access to 30+ stock and custom MT systems via Intento

The Intento plugin for Smartling expands the range of available machine translation providers to more than 30 stock and custom MT systems. Smartling users can also leverage provider-agnostic capabilities, such as glossaries, tone of voice control, and entity protection to fine-tune their MT output. For new users and existing customers alike, check out the connector to translate 20x more content on the same budget.

Learn how to benefit from a host of MT options through the new Intento connector here.

Intento makes Nimdzi’s list of the language industry’s 25 most innovative companies

Nimdzi’s list doesn’t just associate innovation with language technology alone — they also took into account these companies’ unique business models and transformative missions. Our industry is full of creative companies blazing new trails — and it’s great to be recognized as one leading the pack.

Midjourney and DALL-E 2 open up for public and commercial use

Midjourney is now in open beta if you’re tired of browsing through stock photos for your presentations and social posts. At the same time, OpenAI has now allowed using DALL-E 2 for commercial purposes. This means you can use cutting-edge image generators for your social posts and presentations — time to start creating!

The above image was produced with Midjounrey using the prompt ‘robot creating art.’

Subway & Intento case study at GlobalSaké

Join us at the GlobalSaké Q3 virtual event, featuring the new-tech innovations applied to multilingual/multi-geo solutions in AI NMT (neural machine translation), NLP (natural language processing), STT (speech to text), TTS (text to speech), and voice synthesis in voice localization. As always, they’ll feature rounded, cross-functional case study perspectives for solving global challenges and discuss how we may extend the technology to make our products more relevant, accessible, and inclusive on a global scale.

Register now.

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