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March 2023: Translate with GPT-4 and ChatGPT, New Plug-in for Trados Enterprise, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

With the start of a new quarter, we have some major updates to share with our community. Keep reading to learn more about translating with GPT-4 and ChatGPT through Intento, our new plug-in for Trados Enterprise, the best practices for training MT, and more. Enjoy!

🗣 Translate with GPT-4 and ChatGPT through Intento

🎉 The Intento plug-in for Trados Enterprise has arrived

🚀 7 new languages on the Intento platform

🎓 Best practices for training MT and mastering custom machine translation

💂‍♀️ Intento is coming to XTM Live in London

Translate with GPT-4 and ChatGPT through Intento

We have added ChatGPT and GPT-4 powered Machine Translation to the platform. We tested the translation capabilities of GPT-4 and found them outstanding, while ChatGPT API (gpt-3.5-turbo) performs on par with the top stock Machine Translation engines.

Try it now with our web demo or access it through Intento plugins for Translation Management Systems. (Just keep in mind that GPT is a bit slow).

Intento plug-in for Trados Enterprise

Intento MT Hub for Trados Enterprise integrates over 40 machine translation providers into a single plugin, letting you leverage the latest machine translation technology powered by AmazonBaidu, Inc.DeepLGoogleMicrosoftNAVER Corp, and OpenAIGPT. Key benefits include 10 machine translation providers supported via a single contract, 40+ machine translation providers, 750+ languages, source quality improvements, and automated post-editing.

Try it out now for a seamless and efficient machine translation workflow.

7 new languages on Intento

Microsoft has added 13 new languages, one new to Intento, while ModernMT added 32 languages — 6 new to Intento.

Our tech is constantly scanning the machine translation landscape so that Intento users can access all available language updates. You can access all new languages on the Intento MT catalog.

Here’s what’s new:


ha — Hausa
ig — Igbo
ln — Lingala
nso — Northern Sotho/Sepedi/Pedi
ny — Chewa/Nyanja
rn — Kirundi/Rundi
rw — Kinyarwanda
sn — Shona
st — Sesotho/Southern Sotho
tn — Setswana/Tswana
xh — Xhosa
yo — Yoruba

lg — Ganda/Luganda (new to Intento)


Acehnese — ace
Assamese — as
Bengali — bn
Bhojpuri — bho
Fijian — fj
Ilocano — ilo
Kamba — kam
Kikuyu — ki
Kongo — kg
Lingala — ln
Luba-Kasai — lua
Maithili — mai
Maori — mi
Marathi — mr
Mizo/Lushai — lus
Myanmar (Burmese) — my
Northern Sotho — nso
Chewa/Nyanja — ny
Odia (Oriya) — or
Pangasinan — pag
Punjabi — pa
Samoan — sm
Sindhi — sd
Sinhala (Sinhalese) — si
Sesotho/Southern Sotho — st
Yoruba — yo

Balinese — ban (new to Intento)
Banjar — bjn (new to Intento)
Buginese — bug (new to Intento)
Magahi — mag (new to Intento)
Minangkabau — min (new to Intento)
Plateau Malagasy — plt (new to Intento)

Two new chapters have been added to Intento Machine Translation University.

Learn how to improve the quality of data used to train MT models to ensure the best performance. ‘Best Practices for Training MT Models: Using Translation Memories and Glossaries’ lets you know the data issues to address when working with translation memories.

Check out Chapter 5, ‘Mastering Custom Machine Translation: A Practical Guide’ to fully understand the training, evaluation, and optimization processes of custom MT systems.

Intento at XTM Live in London

Join Intento along with fellow localization peers and industry experts at XTM Live 2023 in London from April 19th to April 20th.

On Day 1, Andy Nikulin (Director, Customer Success and Professional Services at Intento) and Wouter Maagdenberg (CEO & Co-Founder at TXTOMedia) will be giving a talk around a use-case of MT with gender control that we’re working on with TXTO and CAREanimations. On Day 2, you’ll have the chance to get a live demo on MT Augmentation via XTM from Intento’s Product Director, Pavel Doronin.

Be sure to stop by booth #4 to hear about all the recent developments at Intento!

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