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August 2022: The State of Machine Translation 2022 and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Check out this month’s highlights for a look at our State of Machine Translation 2022 report, details on new languages from DeepL and Systran, and more. Enjoy!

📊 The State of Machine Translation 2022

🗣 New languages from DeepL and new language pairs from Systran

🍶 Subway and Intento case study at GlobalSaké recap

📚 Great reads from through the AI/MT communities

The State of Machine Translation 2022 is here!

Every year, our AI team looks at the ever-evolving MT landscape to share impressive insights with you.

The report gives those working in and around the MT landscape an all-encompassing understanding of the current vendors through in-depth analysis and the best strategies to leverage their offerings successfully.

Which MT engines should I use for my language pair? Do they vary for each industry sector and domain?

To answer these questions, this year, we teamed up with e2f to translate content in 9 domains to 11 languages (1,000,000 words!) with subject matter experts, evaluating 31 MT engines on the dataset.

Get your State of Machine Translation 2022 here.

New languages from DeepL and Systran

Intento tech is constantly looking for new provider updates to help you stay on top of the MT landscape. You can see all currently available languages in our catalog.

Over the past month, we’ve detected that DeepL has added Ukrainian, while Systran added new language pairs; en (English)→hy (Armenian) and hy (Armenian)→en (English).

Subway and Intento case study at the GlobalSaké Q3 event: Technology

The event explored the complex relationship between humans and machines; how do we leverage new frontier technologies to enhance user experiences for a globally diverse audience?

This included a talk from Konstantin Savenkov and Carrie Fischer on how AI voice and MT grew Subway’s ROI to new heights.

If you missed the event, you can check out their chat here.

More updates from the AI/MT community


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