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First look GenAI Portal, new Phrase integration, LocWorld50, and end-of-2023 AI trends

Marta GarcĂ­a

Partner Marketing Manager

Your next favorite GenAI language tool đź‘‹

Explore our brand new Enterprise GenAI Portal – your playground for experimenting with tone of voice, language styles, and crafting your own personal language prompts, we call them automatic language skills. You can now create and share skills to reuse within your company, all within an enterprise-grade secure environment.

The evolution of the Language Hub

Say goodbye to the MT Hub (Machine Translation Hub) and hello to the Language Hub! As we evolved over the years, we opened up more language capabilities than just machine translation, and we wanted this to be reflected in our platform name.

So, why are we telling you this, and why does it matter? Well, language experience matters! Adapting content to different markets is more than just translation. Language experience is the whole interaction with a brand, how it makes someone feel, and whether they come across as authentic. The Language Hub enables global companies to reach the ultimate language experience by combining machine translation and multilingual GenAI.

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Automating quality: what’s new

Find what you need every time
Intento Translation Storage helps you save on repetitive translations. Now we enable editing saved translations with new phrase and regexp search.

Your saved translations just got better

After your translations are saved to Storage, you can automatically evaluate their quality and improve them using GenAI-based language skills.

New Phrase TMS integration and more

Phrase TMS: you can now use the Language Hub at any step in the workflow in Phrase TMS with our new integration. You can set it up yourself in the Intento Console.

In our connector to RWS WorldServer, the latest update allows you to configure a fuzzy match threshold to replace all TM matches below it with MT. Our AI experts can help you accurately identify this threshold during a localization checkup.

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Did you miss it?

Check out our recent panel discussion  on how you can create the ultimate language experience with Intento.

Intento on tour

LocWorld50: Beyond MT: Automating Language Skills with GenAI
Stripe and Intento explored how it’s possible to now automate even more than just translation when it comes to language. Changing tone of voice, formality, or just switching from US > UK English, GenAI is changing the game so more than just the localization department will be automating language skills soon.

Women in Localization’s 15th-anniversary gala party
We’re proud to be diamond sponsors and support 15 years of Women in Localization. Here’s to many more years of making a difference in localization!

TAUS 2023: Automatic Linguistic Quality Assessment with GPT-4
We shared the results of a study, evaluating a human reviewer vs. GPT-4 in assessing the quality of English to Spanish translation. The results showed that GPT-4 provided accurate LQA scores, pointing to a promising future for automating LQA.

Language Intelligence 2023: Don’t Look Up: Multilingual Content Creation with GPT
Our session focused on the implications of GenAI and LLMs on corporate content production and localization. We discussed the potential and limitations of GenAI, as well as the role of human experts.

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