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January 2022: Cloud Sentiment Analysis Vendor Landscape, Accessibility as the Next Localization Frontier, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

It’s been a great, busy start to the new year for our network — but there’s always time to work on building your continuous AI/MT knowledge. That’s why this month we have several articles to keep you and your business ahead of the game, along with some new language offerings and updates to the Intento platform. Enjoy!

☁️ New reporting on the 2022 Cloud Sentiment vendor landscape

🤝 What’s next for the localization industry: inclusivity and accessibility

💬 MT as a gateway for speech technologies

🔨 How to ensure you build your MT program right — the first time

🗣 New language offerings through ModernMT and Microsoft

🤖 Intento MT Hub now available for Smartling users

🚀 Update to Intento MT Hub for Trados Studio

📚 Great reads from throughout the community you won’t want to miss

Cloud Sentiment Analysis: 2022 Vendor Overview

With exponential growth and evolutions among available Sentiment Analysis services, there’s a greater need than ever before to get a solid grasp of the marketplace. You can now download a brand new report on the current landscape, breaking down 52 services supporting 100+ languages.

Localization as an engine for accessibility and inclusion through cognitive AI

AI is transforming the localization industry, workflows within the industry, and daily life. A discussion between Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov and Pascale Tremblay (GAP) revealed key insights around how AI is impacting the content creation cycle, the biggest implication for the global enterprise, and what ties corporate and customer culture.

Read a comprehensive summary of their conversation here.

You had me at MT: a gateway to speech technologies

Machine translation is becoming an entry point to the dynamic world of speech technologies for many businesses across various industries. This article draws from Konstantin Savenkov and Carrie Fischer’s December session at SlatorCon to put a spotlight on the natural progression of cognitive AI, and real-world use cases from the foodservice industry and beyond.

Read the full article here.

Building an MT program right — the first time

Last year, at LocWorldWide45, we brought together localization managers representing various industries, from Agilent, Amadeus, AstraZeneca, and IKEA to explore the biggest challenges they faced when first developing their MT programs. The resulting article uses their expertise to shed light on the lessons learned, the best strategies discovered, and future goals for MT.

Read the full article here.

New Intento language offerings

ModernMT added the following languages to Enterprise and Realtime:

Microsoft has added two new languages, both for which Microsoft is the only provider:

  • ikt: Western Canadian Inuktitut
  • iu-latn: Inuktitut

Smartling users can now access the Intento MT Hub

Smartling users can now use Intento in their workflows like any other machine translation engine. Through Intento, they’ll have access to 40+ machine translation engines, flexible configurations of pre-and post-processing, fine-tunings, and failovers to other providers.

Learn more about how to configure Intento in Smartling here.

Update to Intento MT Hub for Trados Studio

Intento MT Hub for Trados Studio has been updated to 2.29 with improvements for those who work with multiple connected accounts for one provider. The update is available on the RWS AppStore.

Can’t get enough?

Here are some more updates from the AI/MT community:


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