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September 2022: 10 New Languages in the MT Catalog, Strategies to Skyrocket MT ROI, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

In this month’s digest, we have details on 10 new languages added to the Intento MT catalog, remarkable results from MT and speech technologies, and more. Enjoy!

🗣 25 new languages from Google, 10 of which are new to Intento

🚀 Remarkable results from MT and speech technologies

🌎 Amazon ACT integration with Intento

🤖 Machine voice solutions with ULG

📚 Great reads from throughout the AI and MT communities

Google brings 10 new languages to the Intento MT Catalog

Our tech is constantly scanning the MT landscape for new updates and improvements. This month, it spotted 25 new languages from Google, 10 of which are new to our platform.

Check out the list of additions below, and click here to see all available languages in the catalog.

What’s new:

ak — Akan — new language for Intento

as — Assamese

ay — Aymara

bho — Bhojpuri (भोजपुरी) — new language for Intento

bm — Bambara (بامبارا)

ckb — Central Kurdish

doi — Dogri (डोगरी) — new language for Intento

dv — Maldivian (Dhivehi, ދިވެހި)

ee — Eve (ɛβɛɡ͡bɛ)

fil — Filipino

gn — Guarani

gom — Goan Konkani (Kōṅkaṇī) — new language for Intento

ilo — Ilokano — new language for Intento

kri — Kri — new language for Intento

lg — Luganda (Lingála)

ln — Lingala

lus — Lushai (Duhlian, Mizo) — new language for Intento

mai — Maithili

mni — Manipuri language (Metei script)

nso — Pedi (Northern Sotho) — new language for Intento

om — Oromo (Afaan Oromoo)

qu — Quechuan — new language for Intento

sa — Sanskrit — new language for Intento

ti — Tigrinya (ትግርኛ)

ts — Tsonga (Xitsonga)

Remarkable results from MT and speech technologies

MT and speech technologies are already delivering very real results in scaling multilingual content creation in global launch cycles, as seen at GlobalSaké.

In case you missed Carrie and Konstantin’s discussion at the Q3 virtual event, check out these highlights to learn about starting to work with MT, dramatic savings for translations and voice-overs, and the main factors that can increase your ROI.

Click here for the full recap.

Active Custom Translation now integrates with Intento

We’ve recently added Amazon Translate’s Active Custom Translation to our MT Hub for use cases in Localization, Customer Support, Software Development, Community Content Sharing, and Office Productivity.

Including Amazon Translate in your MT program is a great way to enhance and diversify your MT, especially in combination with ACT. Check out our blog to learn more about what makes Amazon Translate ACT with Intento an excellent option for various applications and why it’s a perfect entry point to explore the benefits of custom machine translation.

Read more here.

New innovations in machine voice

For more insights from the bleeding edge of voice solutions, check out the key takeaways from Andy Nikulin’s presentation with Kevin Bruner (Global VP, Software Engineering, ULG) at AMTA 2022 in Orlando.

The talk covered the current state of speech technology as it relates to the production and localization of e-learning content. They highlighted the gaps in the typical human process for multilingual e-learning video production, as well as the solution Intento and ULG have developed to automate the process while increasing performance standards.

Read a full summary of their presentation here.

More updates from the AI/MT community


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