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March 2022: Build a World-Class MT Program, the New Role of Localization Managers, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Jump into Spring with a look at Intento services to help you build a world-class machine translation program, the new role of localization managers in the corporate landscape, measurable returns delivered by machine translation, and more.

🌎 MT Evaluation and Maintenance for a world-class translation program

🤖 Simplified navigation in Routings

🗣 Low-resource language additions to the Intento platform

🚀 The elevation of the localization manager in the digital era

🏆 What does winning with MT ROI look like?

🦾 Localization check-ups and MT pit-stops

📚 Great reads from throughout the community you won’t want to miss

MT Evaluation and Maintenance for a world-class machine translation program

At Intento, we help you leverage machine translation to transform your digital business. For those who need help with kick-starting their MT program, we can lend a hand and offer our solution-oriented services to create a unique portfolio of models tailored to your use case.

MT Evaluation leverages clear-cut engine analysis, intelligent sampling, and actionable recommendations to select the best-fit engines for different aspects of your business — saving you up to 70% on post-editing costs.

MT Maintenance keeps your MT program at the forefront of cutting-edge technology 365 days a year, giving you an all-inclusive service to stay up to date on new models and updates and refine your engines over time.

Sign up for a live demo here.

Simplified navigation in Routings

Intento Routings are at the core of the MT Hub, helping you choose the best-fit engine for your language and domain. We wanted to add transparency to machine translation workflows so that Routings are no longer black boxes for our customers.

Check out the visual element we’ve added for better navigation in this intelligent tool — it gives you a comprehensive overview of the routing contents and logic so you can discover them for yourself.

For any questions about Routings, please contact Angelina Galkevich, the product owner and resident Routings expert.

More languages and direct translations

There’s been a surge in supported languages opening up on our platform over the past month. Many of these additions prove that niche and low-resource languages are on the rise, along with direct translations without going through English (one of our predicted trends for 2022):

  • Microsoft: Somali (so), Zulu (zu)
  • ProMT: fr↔︎es, fr ↔︎ a, zh↔︎(ar, hi, it, ja, ko, ms, tr)
  • Systran: uk→ko, ja↔︎vi, ru↔︎zh
  • Youdao: zh-hant (traditional)

Take a full list of Intento language options here.

The elevation of the localization manager in the digital era

We had a great discussion at SlatorCon last month about the evolving role localization managers are playing in an increasingly digital corporate landscape. The panel touched on new opportunities, how accessibility and inclusivity are being driven by localization at scale, AI tools in tech stacks, and more.

If you missed the talk, read a full summary here.

Machine translation ROI: what winning looks like

Intento’s Mark Hjerpe will be joined by Carrie Fischer of Subway and Rory Sampair of XTM to demonstrate the clear, measurable returns delivered by Machine Translation as part of an integrated technology stack. We expect it to be an engaging presentation with lots of audience participation — and we hope to see you there for a long-awaited return to live conferences!

Register here.

Localization check-ups and MT pit-stops at GALA

Join us at GALA San Diego for three virtual talks:

  • April 26th: Project Manager Pavel Efimkov will walk you through the technical checks and fine-tunings necessary so you can deploy effective translation solutions in, ‘Time for an MT Pitstop: Machine Translation Maintenance for Continuous Optimization.’
  • April 27th: Intento CEO Konstantin Savenkov and a panel of fellow experts dive into the cracks that are appearing in some of the basic assumptions driving the industry’s work in, ‘Hurdles and Answers: A New Dialogue on the Path to Tomorrow.’
  • April 27th: Konstantin will describe his approach to analyzing post-editing efforts across enterprise localization activities in, ‘Localization Checkup: MT Effectiveness and Post-editing’.

Register here.

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