State of the Machine Translation (January 2019)

Konstantin Savenkov

CEO and Сo-founder of Intento

Almost every MT vendor put something under the Christmas tree. Let’s unbox the gifts and see how good they are! Some highlights:

  • 📦 We have added two cool NMT engines for quantitative evaluation: ModernMT and SDL BeGlobal, while SMT from Microsoft and IBM were officially deprecated.
  • 📊 PROMT finally rolled out NMT for Russian, Tencent improved a lot in Russian and German, Yandex — in Japanese, Portuguese, German, and Chinese, Baidu — in English and Russian, Systran PNMT got a boost in almost every pair they support.
  • 💸 Yandex also cut their price 50% (to ~$7), making them an optimal choice for many cases.
  • 🌏 Amazon, DeepL, IBM, Microsoft, and Youdao increased their language coverage.
  • 🏆 “The best engine” changed for 21 language pairs: there are still 9 required to get the best quality for all pairs, but those 9 are very different from July!

Read the report of Slideshare.

If Slideshare is blocked by your state or enterprise, we have another copy here:

Hope you may see this animated GIF, which shows how much things changed over just 5 months:

Also, we decided to show the inner guts of this “best engine” rankings (but this one requires a high level of color sensitivity):

It’s interesting that compared to July 2018, the first prizes are distributed much more evenly between the competing MT solutions.

Our MT API Gateway helps to evaluate and use multiple MT vendors — you’re welcome to try it as well, just register at Also, we have plugins for MemoQ, SDL Trados, Matecat, and may integrate with your favorite TMS via webhooks — let us know!

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