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June 2022: How Enterprises Can Enable Equal Access to Information, Localization Checkups, and More

Marta García

Partner Marketing Manager

Check out this month’s highlights to learn how enterprises enable equal access to information for all employees, along with details on localization checkupsLocWorld 47 in Berlin, and more. Enjoy!

🌎 Learn how enterprises enable equal access to information for all employees

✍️ What you can learn from enterprise-wide post-editing efforts

🗣 DeepL adds Indonesian and Turkish

🤖 Make sense of the bleeding edge of MT and machine speech

📊 How to recognize unintentional biases in the workplace

🇩🇪 Join us at LocWorld47 in Berlin!

🚨 Be the first to try out new Intento features

📚 Great reads from throughout the community you won’t want to miss

How enterprises enable equal access to information for all employees

Global enterprises often overlook how breaking down language barriers helps ALL employees thrive. We spotted the critical challenges of an international workplace and suggested vital strategies to make multilingualism work for your company.

Learn how your business benefits when you embrace its multilingualism here.

Konstantin Savenkov broke down the elements of a healthy localization and post-editing program at GALA San Diego. Check out the summary of his talk to see guidelines for diagnostics and analysis, source quality analysis, and recovery options.

Learn how to analyze post-editing efforts across enterprise localization activities here.

DeepL adds two new languages

Our tech detected that DeepL has added two new languages: Indonesian (id) and Turkish (tr).

We have algorithms that instantly spot any changes in the dynamic MT landscape, including language support and documentation — so keep an eye out for updates!

View our catalog for all available languages here.

A quick listen on innovations in MT and machine speech

Mark Hjerpe hopped on the Global Ambitions podcast to give crucial hints on what makes ‘best-fit’ machine translation, how it works, and how innovations in areas like speech technologies are shaping the future of Localization.

Listen to the full chat here.

How to recognize unintentional biases in the workplace

We’re always proud to join the efforts towards a more inclusive localization community and were excited to sponsor the Women in Localization Global Community event featuring Hilarie Bass from the Bass Institute. Register for your local chapter to view the video and participate in future events. Bass spoke about the unintentional biases at workplaces and advocated diversity and inclusion at all strata of the workplace.

You can take an anonymous, free test to learn more about unconscious bias here.

Join Intento at LocWorld47 in Berlin

Konstantin Savenkov will be presenting a case study, teaching attendees how to identify problematic segments in translation memories, optimize the content creation process, and build a more robust MT program. He’ll discuss finding such segments in translation memories and addressing these issues in the enterprise content creation workflows, either by copywriting guidelines or automating source-quality improvement before the MT. The results stem from a research project conducted by VMware and Intento.

Make sure to also catch the Process Innovation Challenge where Konstantin will present our innovations around translating ICU elements with Machine Translation.

Register here to make the most of a return to in-person events!

Be the first to try out new Intento features

We want to hear what you think of the latest innovations from the experts at Intento! Fill out this form to get the first look at products shaping the cutting edge of the MT landscape.

Participate in the research here.

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